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Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Visitors keep asking me to write more about ” The Art of War”….

In my previous blog, it strongly indicates that the original English translator, Mr. Giles did not bring out what Sun Tzu means. It is an excellent translation by surface. Almost everyone of later author keeps using it as a guideline. It creates a lot of misunderstanding……

Mr. Giles built a wonderful cultural bridge between the East and the West. That is his main purpose. There are some confusion in the book.  Different Asian experts used different historical example to explain the contents…..In my opinion, they may not thoroughly understand the materials. ” If they do, they don’t need so much examples to explain the definition of the contents.”

For example: ‘Chi and Ching’.  Ching means “traditional or general method;” Chi means ” flexible skill to deal with the changing environment. But the soldiers have to be well trained and absolutely obey the order.”

There is another example: “The war is already won before the war begins.”

It is absolutely mistranslated …….What Sun Tzu means that I know I will win the war, but I don’t expect  “when or how to win”, because, the battlefield keeps changing. Over expectation is a disaster….

Most of the readers feel nothing after they go through the other book. Because they are confused and get lost .  Without  the understood catalyst, they don’t think  deeper. People never can get the benefit from the materials.

My book is written in simple English and easy to understand. For THIRTY DOLLARS, it can benefit rest of your life, it is a deal……Once you understand the concept, you don’t need to read my articles. Even you go to famous university and also cost you a lot of money, you still get lost. My previous blogs have written down some key points of Sun Tzu Concept, it will help the new visitors.

If people ever visit my previous blogs right before the Presidential Election. See what I have written……It is Sun Tzu’s wisdom.

The strategy of winning team is doing as  identical as what I have said.  It is SUN TZU’S WISDOM.  I just understand a small part of the contents. It is not Malarkey, it is on my blog right before the campaign time begins.

The GOP team is over confidence and assume that the election is in their pocket. It is a good fight, but they miscalculate the middle class vote.  They ignore the civilian echo…The misleading TV Advertisements and money fail, because the candidate doesn’t express  concerning  about the little guys. He pays his mistakes.

Sun Tzu: Civilians will support you, if you sincere care them…..

Sun Tzu’s contents have been translated and spread over the world, it must be a reason. It is a Universal Concept, it is a book which people must read, if they want to succeed.  Over 2500 year period of time , only a handful General in China understood the materials…if people don’t get it in the early stage, don’t feel bad at all. It is a wisdom book, it takes time to chew on it.

Visitors keep asking for my email address, it is on the website,” art of war on wall”  People also can go to Face Book  under the name , “The Art of War on Wall Street or Y.K.Wong”……I write pretty often over there.

It is Thanksgiving time, nice to see a GA Senator breaks off the unpractical pledge. America and Americans have been suffering long enough in the past ten years. Time to change.

Sun Tzu: Keep your adversary irrationally busy, worrying, confused,fearful and like to be your ally, if you want to be a global leader…..

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Currently America is a global leader in some way, but keeps busy moving the military units around the world, keeps worrying the whole world human right, and freedom, through the United Nation keeping the questionable allies….

It seems that a lot of contrast to what Sun Tzu  has to say. If Sun Tzu is the best military strategist,  then our leaders may need to review their planning.

America has been faithfully to help the world since the Second World War. The purpose is to keep the world peace and creates the world prosperity. When you help another country to grow up , you naturally create the competitions……

America has the best natural resources and human wisdom so as the technology. In reality, America can overcome this challenge without questions. This challenge makes the world better. That is America’s goal, that is America system. What is the problem?

Some political leaders and certain groups of organization keep complaining about the unfair challenges……

If America can send the spaceship to the Universe, or goes to the Mar, even Sun Tzu would agree that America can overcome  something that he can’t…..

“If Sun Tzu is alive to day, he will say that America has an internal problem .”

The extremity and obstructions of certain political leaders will cause this great country dearly. Look at the Wall Street. There are no rules and laws in their eyes. They do anything they want to. Because they can afford to pay $B of dollar fine and have political power. They can admit no fault. When the future oil trading is being investigated, the oil price goes down and a big bank loses multiple $B of dollars….When will it end ? Scandal waves move forward one after another. New IPO is on the NEWS. It is incredible!

Some ex-military officers have said there are not much competitions in term of military power in the near future. Why America needs more oxygenated problem plane……?

America has the budget gridlock, it can be done, if Congress can work together. If America can’t balance the budget, the world is not going to listen……..Can America to be a global leader under this circumstance ??

Know Yourself and Know the World…..Sun Tzu.

An Explosive Chess Game Can Go Both Way…..

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Sun Tzu: Let your defeated and wounded enemy find a way out…..Try to cut down the collateral damage….

Make ally for the future advantage. The General should not make an important decision, when he is  under pressure and anger……

If the purpose is for peace, the current formula is working , it may take longer time to achieve, it should stay on this strategy. The Cold War took over 20 years to win, In this case, the time also is essential. The planner and adviser should review Iran’s culture and religion, it is their strength.

Cultural strength can sustain a long, long time war. China and Japanese War is a typical example.

As Sun Tzu has said that don’t underestimate your enemy. When they are going nowhere, they will put their life on their God. They will do anything, because they think that is their God’s wish.

Iran still has a lot of weapons that can reach their neighbors and the oil refinery . Also they have their ally who likes to see America resources are being exhausted.

America just gets out of the severe Recession, a wrong move will go into another deep valley. America should keep friendship with the Asia Banker, because they can cause problems too. The medicine is for Iran, and don’t mix up with another drug to create more side effects. The wrong medicine can cause the liver and kidney failure. That relates to the  internal political struggle.

“If you are not my friend, then you are my enemy”…….This old concept may not fit in the current situation. No one can afford the physical war now a day. It will be an economic war, if there is one.

” Know Yourself, Know Your Adversary and Know the Circumstance”,  if you want to win the war….Sun Tzu.

I work hard, I earn it…………..Really?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

I have been hearing this kind of saying daily in American society during the past 40 years . In the past, it is very true, because  ‘trust’  is the essence of this society. Just a hand shake, it is a gold contract.

Now a day, no matter what contract that you have, you may still  get screwed. Justice is there, but it depends on who you are and what is your connection…..

It seems that you are as a pair of nice shoes, after the shoes are wore out or the fashion having been changed, you will be dropped.       Know your circumstance as Sun Tzu said.

You put your life on a big company and expect the secured future……Once the company either LBO or A&M, you will be forced early retirement, if you are luck.  Most of the time you are fired. Then, you are facing your aged problem, no company wants you.

How can you avoid this kind of disaster ? Review The Art of War, you may catch its principles, ” Know Yourself, Know Your Adversary and Know the Circumstance”.

The translation of my book has better quality, it was blogged in the previous article. Western author has seldom understood Chinese cultural materials. Even Chinese scholars have problems about these ancient materials. You read it , you may not understand it. At the top of it, the translation is another problem.

For example, the few pages of TAI CHI theory, it has been read through  hundred of years by Chinese or Chinese Martial Art experts, how many of them can really understand them ? Only few!!

Wall Street means money and power. If you don’t really know them, you will be swallowed in terms of money……. Your hard earn money will be their luxurious bonus.  Pay attention to their psychological strategy daily.

All the financial products have sugar coats such as for your future financial security or for tax purpose…..the WMD  ( your children education) approaches to your heart,  once it kidnaps your attention. You are cooked. There are no free lunch.

It is your responsibility to know or understand your circumstance and yourself…if you are cheated, you are part of the problem…..Mr. Maddog’s case, it sounds familiar.. Something is too good to be true.

You think you work hard and  you earn it.  Most of the time, it may be not the case. If you are not careful about your circumstance, your hard work,  someone gets your harvest……

America is the land of opportunity……Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing……….However, freedom of speech creates too much con men and con women daily……They can rip off your life savings…

Look at the presidential candidates, except Mr. Ron Paul, their speeches are as sweet as artificial sugar …….It may have the healthy issue. Research is needed.

If you don’t want a dysfunctional Government, your vote is very important for the country.

Out Of Touch……….

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I have been hearing that the leading candidate is out of touch………..and can not connect with the middle class……..

Commentators and experts of the political field keep talking or criticizing about the candidates. Where is the solution?  In my humble opinion,  about anything that if you don’t go through, you don’t sense it   or you don’t touch it, your mind will never guide you to think the right way……..If you don’t have these experiences or data in your mind, you can’t say the ’same tune’ as middle class or poor people…..The communication is not existence, period !!

The strategical experts of this candidate should guide him to walk through the poor and middle class area of each State daily after his busy campaign time……..Let him see it and sense it . Let him personal touch the reality, if this candidate wants to be future American President…..

He proves the beauty of America Capitalism but he is out of touch…….If debate  ever  happens between the current president and this candidate, he will be knocked down in the first round…….

There was a historical story during the last Empire of China. The third King of Ching Empire heard that  people were suffering and struggling in the Southern Part of the country due to the previous brutal King…..There was a notorious slaughtered rule ,” Slaughter Nine Tribes” by then.  Anything that related  or connected to the accuser, will be completely eliminated………..It means that the accuser’s Gene is totally terminated.

The King, Chuan Lung recognized this horrible rule, he might be well educated about Chinese history too. He made a secret trip to the South for a long period of time. He observed the living condition and the suffering of local people. Observed the corruption of OFFICERS………and saw the Rich and Poor daily life…….

When he came back to the North (Peking), he ordered and changed the old rules, treated people fairly, let different kind of tribes have opportunity to rise up as officers……

This King, Chuan Lung built up a famous empire of the last kingdom by history……..

Generals seldom rush to War, because they know what a war means……Idiots and ignorant want to fight after they saw a movie……..Most of the current candidates are out of touch about the war affair…..

The planners of this country keep pumping the Money to foreign country and expect them to fit in America living model ….. they may need to review their policy and all relative factors. The out of touch rule may  need to reconsider………

The Tea Party originally is the voices of American, however the elected leaders are too theoretical…..Don’t be the out of touch…..

If the Congress is back on track, it is the best thing that ever happens in the past 10 years. The whole world needs America’s leadership. Only and if America can put down the biased internal agenda….

Know Yourself…..Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu: Summer Shower won’t rain whole day…..

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

In Sun Tzu’s content, when enemies  show irrational behavior constantly, they are looking for a way out……

Lately, explosions happened frequently, it is a lot of similarity. The show off of nuclear activity is part of the game. This country tells the world, I have the nuclear technology and I am capable of  making damage to everywhere, if I want to….

May be this country is ready to negotiate with United Nation…..Syria will fall apart, it is just a matter of time. This blooded brutal activity is not accepted by the current world. Iran will be isolated in this part of world, as soon as Syria collapses.

The chance they can succeed to make nuclear weapon is very remote. All the facilities will be destroyed before the weapon can be produced. They are a tough negotiator, also they know the current situation well.  Russia has internal problem, China has to make friend with America. China has a long history of political culture….It is the game of Chess.

The water is floating under the bridge…….

The self destructive  strategy is hurting GOP, they have to show America Public that their good intention is misunderstood. The gridlock attitude is loosing up. It will be good for the country. If they don’t begin to compensate their mistakes, the mid 90′ event will repeat !

The President may have a good chance to hold the second term.  The true facts are germinating…….

” The leader’s job is to protect the country and its citizens, it is not for his personal glory and reputation…”…………Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu: Use Your Enemy’s Spear To Hit Your Enemy’s Shield.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

One of the presidential candidates uses this concept to make a big wave of success and publicity during the debate.

The candidate prepares well for his sour marriage question. He takes advantage of  Negative Image of  Media. He wins the first inning big time, but there are eight more innings to go.

Mr. King is off guard by this countered attack. It proves one thing that Sun Tzu is right about it. “You never can under  estimate  your opponent in the battlefield.”

If the candidate can tune down the voice in a polite manner, he will get better result for his future success.  CNN will follow up this subject continuously ….Directly or indirectly, this candidate will feel the impact of this consequence.

“Know your circumstance”…..Sun Tzu.

This candidate has a lot of dirt to be explained  to the public. His speech about the President, most of the time has the problem of truth. The deceptive language is used to mislead the public for his agenda. CNN will bring them up  one by one to the public.  “The night is not deep yet.”

It is politics, however, when you are running for President, your words will be checked and compared to the facts immediately. The public will judge your speech.

I want the best candidate to run this country. I don’t want another 10 year miserable…. It is long enough for everybody.

I wrote an article about the current situation earlier in this blog.  President accepted this challenge. However, he might not recognize the serious part of the problem.  In fact , nobody would know until he was in the office.

The current economy is worst than 1929, because of more debts and more responsibility.  On the top of it, the global challenge has been changing.  The internal problems are causing the workers out of work.

The candidate keeps saying the success of President Regan. However, Mr. Regan’s success did not mean that you could copy it without his  capacity. The candidate just use Regan’s name and reputation  to lead that he can turn this country around.  Let the public judge his records.

During the 80′, we saw the rosy period of economy. But the debts was building up. The saving and loan scandal was similar to the current mortgage scandal. It buried a potential problem as to-day. More debts were built up for the benefit of corporations…….

Originally I set up this blog to promote my book. This election puts me into the political funny game. May be I care this country. May be it is American life.

Trust and Loyalty are the Essential Strength of Corporation and the Country

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

After watching the political event last night, it refreshed my old memory…..

It was in the mid 80′, after the Sunday morning exercise class , Bud ( A retired high rank officer of a huge beverage company) and I chatted about the LBO……..He said that service business will dominate America in the next 10-20 years and corporations will eventually get rid of the hard ware business…..

What ? “It can’t be”…  I replied.  The hard ware business are the back bone of the society and the country. Without them, many jobs will be eliminated….American will  face many serious consequences…..

Bud said that you were right about that…..It was because of the WUSHY-WASHY  business consultants, coordinated with the selfish Ceo  of companies for their own agenda (money).

“Service business make high profits, hard ware business are very marginal”, he said.  ” Well, it is short sight”, I said……

Looked at this LBO concept , it will destroy this country backbone (the loyalty and trust). Many people will be laid off, or forced early retirement, even getting fired………

There were NO money  that ever could replace your employee’s trust and loyalty especially their life time dedicated to the company…..People got laid off , fired …etc,  because of this “Money Concept”, it will be a serious mistake….. The companies would not be succeeded without those employees,  did they recognize it?  Their employees built their companies!!    ” After the Monks pray for you, then you kick the Monks out of the door”……Next time, no more Monks pray for you !!  Why America auto market lost to Japanese?  It may be the problem.  The employees lost the trust and loyalty…..

Bud said, “they don’t care”.  It was so called “MONEY TALK, BS WALK.”

“I may not see the consequences, because of my age (69), but you will see it.”   Now, I am at Bud’s age or more,…..He was right by then, he is right now…  It has been happening.

Current market, some company charges $500/hour or may be more for a special tech program…I deeply believe that the emerging country will offer $50-100/h to replace that kind of job very soon. Without the hard ware industries as back bone to support the service business…..Service business will not stand firmly and will be easily to be replaced.

That kind of high dollar market will be facing challenge…..IT is a short sight consequences.   “You can see the Sun and Moon, it doesn’t mean you have good eye”…….Sun Tzu.

IT is  part of the reason, why America loses the job market….     Excuse and blame are used to cover their mistakes. Current A&M is similar to LBO.  It is same drug with different kind of name……Wall Street is doing business as usual.

Look at the political theater,  BLAME and ACCUSATION are in the old political book….But without the fundamental principles…….Those  politicians will be similar to the QUEEN of THE NIGHT FLOWER, it will dry up over night.

This country is losing the PUBLIC TRUST, I hope the political leaders recognize it. Lost trust is the worst thing that ever happens to a Country. Don’t forget your duty !!

It is good to see the youth seeing that!!  That is why Congressman, Ron Paul is getting the support from young American.

This great country deserves more than that !!!

” By the people, of the people…….”   It sounds familiar.

Walmart and K-Mart: Rivals on the Battlefield

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Sun Tzu writes in The Art of War that advantage / disadvantage and strength / weakness are continually shifting, depending on the circumstances. Business can also be interpreted through the lens of Art of War principles, in terms of  businesses and corporations battling to capture the dollars of the public.

Everyone knows what happened to K-Mart when it did not accurately assess the threat from WalMart. K-Mart rose up in the early 60’s as an innovative marketing idea.  K-Mart built an image and a strategy to present products that matched the middle class consumer.  Unfortunately, due to overspending,  management problems, and lack of experience, K-Mart was eclipsed by WalMart, who all but wiped them out.

WalMart made use of what it had learned about K-Mart’s strengths and weaknesses.  Sam Walton started small, kept the inventory lean, and provided good service.  When WalMart started to get some market share, they began to “attack” some major cities.

In the 1980’s K-Mart recognized that WalMart was a competitor, but thought WalMart was too small to take as a threat. K-Mart assumed it was too big to ever be displaced by the new competitor.  In the end, K-Mart lost the battle, and WalMart is now king of the mountain. Had K-Mart heeded Sun Tzu’s motto of “Know yourself and know your enemy,”they might have survived.

On the world stage today, America stands in the same position as K-Mart did.  America is a superpower whose influence is felt everywhere.  Yet, America’s image started to wane after 1980.  The country, like the consumers living in it, has been overspending.  You can’t use credit cards to pay down debt. Nor can congress use credit to pay down debt. 

It is time to trim the inventory. When our country spends billions of dollars that have been squeezed from the citizens to support corrupt foreign countries, it does not make sense.  Apparently the citizenry of both Iraq and Afghanistan  want the United States to leave their countries. They see the U.S. as basically supporting a form of government that is not yet providing them with safety in the streets. The leaders, who are enjoying the infusion of U.S. dollars, speak mixed messages.

Other superpowers are busy investing in goodwill and business, rather than public dollars, in overseas countries, and may be getting better results than the U.S.  According to the “Dow Jones Theory,” our country’s strength is measured in terms of transportation, property, and energy.  The  American auto market has been losing to Japan, property has been depreciating, and oil has become more expensive. To quote Bonfire of the Vanities, we are “hemorrhaging money.”

American leadership cannot continue to waste time indulging in partisan ideological wrangling that does not address these issues.  It is time for our leaders to “either pee or get off the pot.”  President Obama seems to have taken a wise step in his intentions to bring a large segment of our military out of Afghanistan.

  Equal attention could certainly be given to unnecessary social welfare spending.  America cannot be considered strong if it is in fact being manipulated by its own politicians and special interest groups.  Sometimes “knowing yourself” can be painful.

Much more on the principles of The Art of War and on how they can be applied to your personal business success in my book The Art of War Applied to Wall Street.

Y. K. Wong

June, 23, 2011

Confucius, Sex, and Nature

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

In an earlier blog, I have discussed Confucius, who has unnecessarily been given a bad rap by 20th century critics for not condemning the stratified class system in which he lived. The Chinese Communists have tended to discredit him for this reason.  However, as I have explained previously, Confucius had to function within the society in which he was living 2500 years ago, and he chose not to “fight City Hall.”   He had a greater, more philosophical  message to get across.

One of Confucius’s students asked about the proper role of food and the role of sex in human life.  Confucius answered simply that both are vital to human life. Certainly, no one would argue with that!   All of Nature requires food to support life, as well as continuation of the genetic material. Confucius said, “No food, no life. No sex, no life.”  Seems like obvious common sense.

In reality, Confucius was teaching the principles of connecting with powerful forces that underlie all of life as experienced by all people, no matter what their social class.  His famous principles of  right  human interaction were based on balance and fair play.  Yet few people realized at that time that he  had developed these principles through  observation and insight into the laws of Nature.

Confucius apparently did make some negative comments about women of his time. He said that  they were prone to complaining that their men were away for too long (as a result of the slow travel over long distances in those days, or for warfare),  and then when the men did come home, the women tended to complain about petty things.  From our perspective today, as we consider the very confined and constrained lives of women of the time, it is understandable. 

Sun Tzu taught in The Art of War that it is imperative that we know ourselves and know the others we are dealing with.  In my opinion,  females are the most important element  in the natural world.  Without the female there is no life. In those societies where the females are oppressed and suppressed, there usually is a very static culture that produces little, if any, development in science, art, or technology.  When the natural balance of male and female energy has been upset, it follows that the economics and even the foreign relations of such societies experience much struggle.

Neither Confucius nor Sun Tzu would advocate that we live in the Wild Kingdom. We live in human society.  Right now in our current human society, we are seeing  prominent men suddenly attaining notoriety through the exploitation of women.  We even see women, particularly in the “entertainment industry,” complicit in this.

 There is no record of any further commentary that Confucius may have made on the topic of sexual activity. So therefore, one might turn to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which was contemporary to Confucius, for some possible insights.  Most of the principles in The Art of War were also derived from observation of the forces of Nature and how they can be  utilized—and respected.  

As those familiar with The Art of War know, Sun Tzu developed precepts that emphasized how important it is to know yourself and to know others.  What are one’s own strengths and weaknesses? What are the  capabilities and potentials of others? 

When one has considered those questions, then conscious choices of right action can be taken.  The key concept, as I see it, is “respect” —of Self and others.  When you really KNOW yourself, you know your own greatness.  And when you take others into consideration, one is led to respect them as well. 

The great lesson that prominent people are bringing out to us in these times is  just that.  As sexual expression is a primary aspect of  Nature, and Nature is balanced, then the lesson is to deprogram ouselves from the imbalances of our cultures and get in tune with the harmonious Laws of Nature.

For more about how Sun Tzu saw the role of great leaders in bringing about harmony and balance of power, read my translation of  The Art of War in my new book,

Y.K. Wong,

June 1, 2011