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When this ugly page of America History turns…..

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Over the past ten years, America has lost the image of the global leadership and Congress politically divided the country. Financially, Wall Street and greedy corporations take advantage of this corrupted political environment. Due to the war consequences, Wall Street scandal, dysfunctional Government, America’s economy is falling apart . Americans are suffering and paying the price of the shameful politics.

The image: A high rank officer by then went to United Nation to claim a war, because the accused country had WMD. The accusation was based on ambiguous evidence.

As a result of this war, American soldiers lost their lives, hundred of Billion  dollars were wasted, WMD was nowhere to be seen. Local people are living in the similar or worst harsh environment as before. New dictator replaces the old one…..Americans are not welcome there.

Afghan War is remained to be seen. So far a lot of similarity compares to the earlier war.

Arab Spring: America has a good will to spread the Freedom Concept. Let people have the Human Right and Freedom of Speech. It is a wonderful thing to guide the other countries.

However, if America puts its living model to another country without recognizing and understanding their cultural traditions, it may have problem to work.

The old dictator steps down, a new one comes out. The civilians are suffering during the struggling period. The wasted money goes to the dictator, the civilians have empty hand.

Wall Street Scandal: The mortgage scandal almost collapsed this country. One guy proudly claimed that his company lost $ 900 M for the mortgage deal, while he was testifying in front of the Congress. But somehow, his company received $60 Billion dollars from Aig…..

Americans are still suffering because this scandal. Wall Street is doing business as usual. Wall Street News is daily happening. Any rule is in their eyes. Everybody guess.

Corporations: Corporations are holding Trillion of cash in hand. Keep laying off people….Blame on the uncertainty. How can they make that much money without a strong country behind them. If  a real UNCERTAINTY exists, their companies will be shrinking or vanishing….

Oil company manipulates the oil price. They claimed it was ‘demand and supply’ equation. In 1972, it was so-called energy crisis.  It was said that there was no more oil in the world. Now, America has more oil than Saudi Arabia…..Congress is too busy……

The LBO has destroyed America’s foundation, “the Loyalty and Trust”. Workers are either forced early retirement or got fired. Just remember, who build your company. There are not enough money to replace your employee’s loyalty and trust.  They spend their life on your company…..It is part of the reason, why America loses the competitive edge.

Sun Tzu: You want the horses run for you, you need to feed them.

Congress: They may forget their duties as public servants. They don’t put the country first, …They keep arguing for their Party and protect the special Interest. America has built the debts since 80′. The wars, the scandals, the corporation’s greed are the factors to produce the current awkward situation.

America and Americans  have been suffering over ten years,  Congress, you are the one to fix or break this Wonderful country. Do something instead of Do nothing……..Turn this ugly page and begins a new chapter of America history, will you?

An Explosive Chess Game Can Go Both Way…..

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Sun Tzu: Let your defeated and wounded enemy find a way out…..Try to cut down the collateral damage….

Make ally for the future advantage. The General should not make an important decision, when he is  under pressure and anger……

If the purpose is for peace, the current formula is working , it may take longer time to achieve, it should stay on this strategy. The Cold War took over 20 years to win, In this case, the time also is essential. The planner and adviser should review Iran’s culture and religion, it is their strength.

Cultural strength can sustain a long, long time war. China and Japanese War is a typical example.

As Sun Tzu has said that don’t underestimate your enemy. When they are going nowhere, they will put their life on their God. They will do anything, because they think that is their God’s wish.

Iran still has a lot of weapons that can reach their neighbors and the oil refinery . Also they have their ally who likes to see America resources are being exhausted.

America just gets out of the severe Recession, a wrong move will go into another deep valley. America should keep friendship with the Asia Banker, because they can cause problems too. The medicine is for Iran, and don’t mix up with another drug to create more side effects. The wrong medicine can cause the liver and kidney failure. That relates to the  internal political struggle.

“If you are not my friend, then you are my enemy”…….This old concept may not fit in the current situation. No one can afford the physical war now a day. It will be an economic war, if there is one.

” Know Yourself, Know Your Adversary and Know the Circumstance”,  if you want to win the war….Sun Tzu.

The Depth of Sun Tzu’s Philosophy are pertinent to our daily life…

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Know Yourself and Know Your Circumstance……..Sun Tzu.

America is the land of opportunity. Often when people have all the freedom and their directions get lost . Their life will be led into a miserable situation……….

As a result of it, it produces 2% of super rich and 98% of poor……It is a fair game to begin with on this land of opportunity. When the smart guys build up their wealth , they also build up their networks and connection. Now they have money power as well as political power. Their fingers reach every corner of this wonderful land.  Without manipulation, capitalism should be a good system.

They write  up all wonderful songs and make you believe them. “Believe me, it is good for you.”  Take the Wall Street as an example.  It is a long term investment, let me have your money…  Don’t trade; but they trade. They even trade the FUTURE. Who knows the future?  Have you ever heard the insider trading before ? Find it out.


People should not completely blame on the Rich, you are part of the problem. You help them to meet their purposes. It is a fair game to start with. You let it happen.

“You believe what they say. You accept their invitation. You are willingly go into their toxic golden trap.”

I have heard that people only need three month savings for the unknown future. You will find a job within three months. Really?  What happens now ? When the environment changes,  you are screwed ! You will lose most of your wealth that you have built for years……Guess who will get your loss, the 2%.

I remembered when I was very young in Hong Kong and Macau, I only saw one kind of red color lipstick, it was in 50′. Now how many colors of them are on the market ? The worst part of them, now ,due to the fashionable society, the color of your lipstick has to match with your cloth color……so as the nail color….. For certain environment, they match with the shoe’s color too

Women Shoes keep changing shapes, such as ” round, square; high, flat heel; colors…” …All the fashion stands for only few months. It is on fire sale. Keep buying…

How about the dresses, no wonder the GOOD WILL stores are cross the country……

Poor fellows keep working. You work hard , you earn it…..Really?  Don’t feel too bad, You are not alone.

I have been wondering for many years. Why major business are in down town, but people are living far away from it. It is very different from foreign country. Local people told me that people wanted more relaxation after work……  If you are the 2% of rich, that is correct.

I live in GA.  If you live far away from down town and you work in down town, how can you feel relaxing when you get into highway 75 and 85 to work  in the morning or go home in the late afternoon…….Can you imagine that the time you have wasted on the highway each day ?  Time means Gold.  Time will never be back to you. life is one way ticket !!

Currently, some slum down town area are tore down and contractors  are building up many expensive buildings and houses……Strange things happen. Poor people will be kicked out from this area, because the property tax that they can’t afford to pay. They have to sell their property and leave.

No money down, no interest until so and so……keep buying. Credit cards are so convenient for daily life and business………Guarantee rate etc ….Banks can change the rate over night, because your credit is changed. Even you have excellent credit, they will change your rate, when the banks have the financial problems….Good credit system is a must, but unfortunately, the system is manipulated.

The credit agency changes your credit rate as long as some idiot reports you to them…not because you really have problem , it is their typing error or mistake…..Your record will be stuck for years…….You will pay their mistake , and you don’t even know.

You buy a house  to build up your future assets. Theoretically, it is a wonderful concept. When the huge institutions screw up the housing market, you are paying their greedy consequences. One of big financial institution told the Congress, we lost ‘$900 M’. for this mortgage deal, but later they  received ‘$60 B ‘ from a gigantic insurance company. It is the tax dollars.

Current news: A high rank officer resigned from this firm and stated that he resigned from there because of its toxic culture……They are too big to fall….

If a LBO or M&A happens to your working place, your retired security may be in trouble.

When you look at all the examples ( It is a small part of facts), all your hard work may  not support your future security, if you don’t know the circumstance, because there will be no money that are left for you.

Do you know yourself?  People are getting old, having no money and getting sick…….Can you imagine, that you are one of them ?  Dig the well, before you are thirsty.

Now the social security may be cut…..Hell, life goes on.

How to deal with it. You are responsible for your family and your  future. Prepare the rain coat before the rain comes. Know yourself and know circumstance as Sun Tzu said.  Read my book , it can help you.

Some people work extremely hard and save each penny and put it in their saving, that is very  good habit…However, they don’t eat right, they don’t live in a reasonable place, they don’t take care their health, they dis-respect the others, and take advantage of the others……..Only money are in their minds……

Please, don’t put yourself in this category, it is the worst one, because their minds are not even free !! Normal slave has a free mind as Wind……When environment is changed, they will be free……

Sun Tzu: One Step Ahead of Your Adversary…..

Monday, March 12th, 2012

News: Another Aircraft is traveling toward Middle East. It indicates that America is serious in business.

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said that in case the war was unavoidable, every factor of war  ‘before and after’ needed to be under consideration…… The military might and image should be ready to go…

“The speech of President on Sunday is strong enough to make a final notice.”

Sun Tzu also said that if war started cooking , you should not let your adversary know what was your intention or your  internal affairs………’The weakness.’

Iran is a tough competitor. It has long history and culture. If they ever know  your  weakness and strength, it will be a  long battle. It has  proved in the past 30 years. They have been confined but they are surviving. They know America politics very well.

Some country said that the sanction was not working…..In fact, isolation is working, but America gave them too much space to maneuver. They feel pain but they are holding on, because of their cultural strength.  They are playing the chess game ahead of America. They find the time to do what they want…..The inch by inch strategy has succeeded their purpose.

Our leader should let them know, if the result of inspection is positive, their nuclear program must stop immediately without delaying……This surprised message will turn the game around. If the statement ” I mean what I said” has the legs to stand.    It is the Image !!

“The Chi and Cheng principle of Art of War can applies here.”    Flexible to deal with the circumstance.

If our leaders  see that it is the best way to maintain the peace for this part of earth.  Our leaders should not  let the internal politics affects the determined decision……The military power should act behind the image.  It is the Strength and Image as Sun Tzu said.

” Leader’s job is for the country and citizens, not for personal glory…”………..Sun Tzu.

Currently, America is moving the chess game after Iran. America is chasing their game plan. They decide what they want, the time is on their side. Need to change their game.

If our leaders can put the election as secondary, America controls the time to act. Iran will get the signal and they will give up their intention at least in the near future……..They don’t want to face the military disaster based on their leader’s  latest statement.  They are playing a marginal game. War is unpredictable. Only the wise people will try to avoid it.  Their leader made a short sentence about war conflict, something was spoken out ……

If this backward and forth situation continues,  the greedy corporations will take advantage of the uncertain future and will continue  jetting up the gas price,  the economy will collapse for sure…..The election result will be everybody’s  guess …This is the weakness of capitalism. “Manipulation.”

Just a thought, when I saw the News talking about  the aircraft journey…. ……

Out Of Touch……….

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I have been hearing that the leading candidate is out of touch………..and can not connect with the middle class……..

Commentators and experts of the political field keep talking or criticizing about the candidates. Where is the solution?  In my humble opinion,  about anything that if you don’t go through, you don’t sense it   or you don’t touch it, your mind will never guide you to think the right way……..If you don’t have these experiences or data in your mind, you can’t say the ’same tune’ as middle class or poor people…..The communication is not existence, period !!

The strategical experts of this candidate should guide him to walk through the poor and middle class area of each State daily after his busy campaign time……..Let him see it and sense it . Let him personal touch the reality, if this candidate wants to be future American President…..

He proves the beauty of America Capitalism but he is out of touch…….If debate  ever  happens between the current president and this candidate, he will be knocked down in the first round…….

There was a historical story during the last Empire of China. The third King of Ching Empire heard that  people were suffering and struggling in the Southern Part of the country due to the previous brutal King…..There was a notorious slaughtered rule ,” Slaughter Nine Tribes” by then.  Anything that related  or connected to the accuser, will be completely eliminated………..It means that the accuser’s Gene is totally terminated.

The King, Chuan Lung recognized this horrible rule, he might be well educated about Chinese history too. He made a secret trip to the South for a long period of time. He observed the living condition and the suffering of local people. Observed the corruption of OFFICERS………and saw the Rich and Poor daily life…….

When he came back to the North (Peking), he ordered and changed the old rules, treated people fairly, let different kind of tribes have opportunity to rise up as officers……

This King, Chuan Lung built up a famous empire of the last kingdom by history……..

Generals seldom rush to War, because they know what a war means……Idiots and ignorant want to fight after they saw a movie……..Most of the current candidates are out of touch about the war affair…..

The planners of this country keep pumping the Money to foreign country and expect them to fit in America living model ….. they may need to review their policy and all relative factors. The out of touch rule may  need to reconsider………

The Tea Party originally is the voices of American, however the elected leaders are too theoretical…..Don’t be the out of touch…..

If the Congress is back on track, it is the best thing that ever happens in the past 10 years. The whole world needs America’s leadership. Only and if America can put down the biased internal agenda….

Know Yourself…..Sun Tzu.

Syria: The Game Constantly Changes….

Monday, February 13th, 2012

News: Russia open an agreement on Syria……

When Russia secures the survival of Syria and its position as a player in Middle East, they have to go along with the Arabic world. They know this blooded crush can’t hold on forever.

America is doing the right thing, let the Arab deal with their problems.  This second resolution of United Nation is going to pass. America should stand by  and support the Arab, but it should base on the real facts and human rights. The culture in this part of world is very sensitive, sometime you think you are doing the right thing for them, but you may get the negative results. The current war sounds familiar.

” Don’t understand the situation, just wait and see, dangerous place, don’t stay”……..Sun Tzu.

As soon as the Syria’s situation is stabled, the brutal kingdom eventually will fall apart. It is the time factor. Russia is buying the time to help Iran’s situation.

It is like a wild beast to fight its way out, when it is cornered. Iran has problems from  inside out. It will humble to the United Nation and save  its country from military disaster. But they will try again…….

America is doing the right strategy to corner Iran especially in current situation…

” One stone hits two birds, it is part of Sun Tzu philosophy too”.

The hawkish leaders need to sit back and review the past wars…Learn something from them…..

One way you want to balance the budget, another way you want more war…..Where is the Money ? When the internal problems are settled, American have house to live with and foods are on the table…It is the time to revise the global affairs.

Face the reality, be reasonable to deal with this country problems. All the political gossip, it won’t fly !!

It seems like the big bird without wings. He can walk , he can talk, but he can’t fly.

Read the first chapter of Art of War, it will help you learn  how to run the country.

Sun Tzu: Use Your Enemy’s Spear To Hit Your Enemy’s Shield.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

One of the presidential candidates uses this concept to make a big wave of success and publicity during the debate.

The candidate prepares well for his sour marriage question. He takes advantage of  Negative Image of  Media. He wins the first inning big time, but there are eight more innings to go.

Mr. King is off guard by this countered attack. It proves one thing that Sun Tzu is right about it. “You never can under  estimate  your opponent in the battlefield.”

If the candidate can tune down the voice in a polite manner, he will get better result for his future success.  CNN will follow up this subject continuously ….Directly or indirectly, this candidate will feel the impact of this consequence.

“Know your circumstance”…..Sun Tzu.

This candidate has a lot of dirt to be explained  to the public. His speech about the President, most of the time has the problem of truth. The deceptive language is used to mislead the public for his agenda. CNN will bring them up  one by one to the public.  “The night is not deep yet.”

It is politics, however, when you are running for President, your words will be checked and compared to the facts immediately. The public will judge your speech.

I want the best candidate to run this country. I don’t want another 10 year miserable…. It is long enough for everybody.

I wrote an article about the current situation earlier in this blog.  President accepted this challenge. However, he might not recognize the serious part of the problem.  In fact , nobody would know until he was in the office.

The current economy is worst than 1929, because of more debts and more responsibility.  On the top of it, the global challenge has been changing.  The internal problems are causing the workers out of work.

The candidate keeps saying the success of President Regan. However, Mr. Regan’s success did not mean that you could copy it without his  capacity. The candidate just use Regan’s name and reputation  to lead that he can turn this country around.  Let the public judge his records.

During the 80′, we saw the rosy period of economy. But the debts was building up. The saving and loan scandal was similar to the current mortgage scandal. It buried a potential problem as to-day. More debts were built up for the benefit of corporations…….

Originally I set up this blog to promote my book. This election puts me into the political funny game. May be I care this country. May be it is American life.

Nothing Right but Wrong…………Really?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

I watched the presidential candidates debated last weekend.  Most of the candidates trashed the President dearly. I just wonder what is the purpose of debate ?  A decent respect should be paid to  “Public Elected President” in the public stage…….

One of the candidate talked about basic conservative value,  especially related to his religious faith ( Catholic). I tried to remember the Catholic Bible which I learned from  St. Joseph High School in Macao.   “The Eastern Rome” is another name for Macao.

It was  50+ years ago…. In the Catholic Bible, the contents never taught people to insult the others in public. I just wonder what kind of Catholic Bible which this candidate studied…..

Religion guides  people in the right direction and teaches  ” Mutual Respect” among people.  Often people misuse religion and the misleading is continuously running into the human society.

When I saw the “YELLING” about the current President, which he has done “Nothing Right but Wrong” for  this country. Here, I am humble to say that Mr. Candidate, you should pay a decent respect to this president, because he was elected publicly  by American  at election time !!  Debate and insult are two different kind of things. You created a negative image for this great country.

“The purpose of debate is not for misleading the Public.”

When the economy “down turns “as severe as the current one, it will take long time to recover. He did not create this mess . In my book it is worst than 1929. By then this country did not have that much debts and responsibilities on its shoulder. At the top of it , the Congress is not working with the President. It is too obvious to ignore. Nothing can be done in this kind of situation.

“Congress runs the country, the President sets the direction.”

Mr. candidate, you continued to show your hawkish foreign policy. What do we learn from the current two wars ? These wars have exhausted the resources of this country. Pour the American soldiers blood into the foreign soil. What does it prove??  In reality, America Military Might can defeat any country directly and physically. However , the Image is tore down because of the internal political struggle…….Is America really in dangerous zone ??

Middle East Countries should establish their Mutual Respect Relationship, otherwise, the conflict will continue as before. Only their leaders can solve their problems, if they want to.

For security purposes,  countries which are suspected in  connecting  with “Illegal “activities, their people should not be allowed to have America Visa, period !

This Country has absolutely right to accept or deny any one to enter this country. People are already in this country, some of them just take advantage of the constitutions and misuse it for their advantage. Any country has its rules or laws which citizens must follow or accept  them as it.

Mr. candidate, your attitude which shows  “if it is not your way , it would be highway….” You should review the whole picture. If you want to be a global leader, you should have the global capacity.

After World WAR ll, the whole world needed USA as police to stable the world environment. The purpose in doing so, it is designed to help the undeveloped or war damaged countries to grow and spreads the human right and freedom. Let the world have prosperous environment in the future…….

Now the environment and situation have been changing ………You have been in political environment for so long , you should know more than normal American.

” Flexible to deal with the environment and situation”…….Sun Tzu.

In my opinion, you misuse the religious faith, you use the conservative name to against the liberal for your agenda ( personal ego). Use the Republican party as a tool to achieve your personal purpose….

You claim you are outsider of D.C.   Really??  You had been a Senator, a Governor………..The answer is here.

This President has done a decent job for this country. The facts are on the table. Every four years, American want a better President to lead this country for the unknown future. American need a real leader to go through this critical period…..  The economic hole is too big…this sinking hole is not built by one day !!  Political leaders need to review their policy and work together. If it does, it is best thing ever happens to America.

Mr. President is not my living model…….but I just want to say that a decent respect to the PUBLIC ELECTED PRESIDENT is needed.   American must pay attention to the “Trust and Loyalty” problems…..

” The commander-in-chief’s job is to protect the country and their citizens, it is not for his personal ego, reputation, and glory…”………..Sun Tzu.

“  War can be announced only after  any diplomatic way to solve the conflict is exhausted…..”…….Sun Tzu.

Trust and Loyalty are the Essential Strength of Corporation and the Country

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

After watching the political event last night, it refreshed my old memory…..

It was in the mid 80′, after the Sunday morning exercise class , Bud ( A retired high rank officer of a huge beverage company) and I chatted about the LBO……..He said that service business will dominate America in the next 10-20 years and corporations will eventually get rid of the hard ware business…..

What ? “It can’t be”…  I replied.  The hard ware business are the back bone of the society and the country. Without them, many jobs will be eliminated….American will  face many serious consequences…..

Bud said that you were right about that…..It was because of the WUSHY-WASHY  business consultants, coordinated with the selfish Ceo  of companies for their own agenda (money).

“Service business make high profits, hard ware business are very marginal”, he said.  ” Well, it is short sight”, I said……

Looked at this LBO concept , it will destroy this country backbone (the loyalty and trust). Many people will be laid off, or forced early retirement, even getting fired………

There were NO money  that ever could replace your employee’s trust and loyalty especially their life time dedicated to the company…..People got laid off , fired …etc,  because of this “Money Concept”, it will be a serious mistake….. The companies would not be succeeded without those employees,  did they recognize it?  Their employees built their companies!!    ” After the Monks pray for you, then you kick the Monks out of the door”……Next time, no more Monks pray for you !!  Why America auto market lost to Japanese?  It may be the problem.  The employees lost the trust and loyalty…..

Bud said, “they don’t care”.  It was so called “MONEY TALK, BS WALK.”

“I may not see the consequences, because of my age (69), but you will see it.”   Now, I am at Bud’s age or more,…..He was right by then, he is right now…  It has been happening.

Current market, some company charges $500/hour or may be more for a special tech program…I deeply believe that the emerging country will offer $50-100/h to replace that kind of job very soon. Without the hard ware industries as back bone to support the service business…..Service business will not stand firmly and will be easily to be replaced.

That kind of high dollar market will be facing challenge…..IT is a short sight consequences.   “You can see the Sun and Moon, it doesn’t mean you have good eye”…….Sun Tzu.

IT is  part of the reason, why America loses the job market….     Excuse and blame are used to cover their mistakes. Current A&M is similar to LBO.  It is same drug with different kind of name……Wall Street is doing business as usual.

Look at the political theater,  BLAME and ACCUSATION are in the old political book….But without the fundamental principles…….Those  politicians will be similar to the QUEEN of THE NIGHT FLOWER, it will dry up over night.

This country is losing the PUBLIC TRUST, I hope the political leaders recognize it. Lost trust is the worst thing that ever happens to a Country. Don’t forget your duty !!

It is good to see the youth seeing that!!  That is why Congressman, Ron Paul is getting the support from young American.

This great country deserves more than that !!!

” By the people, of the people…….”   It sounds familiar.

Answers to Your Questions

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I am in the same boat as anyone else. My time is limited, and I do not have time to answer readers’ questions on a daily basis.

There have been questions about RSS. Apparently there are some software incompatibilities between the website and some readers’ devices or restrictions in various countries.

In regard to theme and design, those are a feature of the WordPress software.

As for the comments that you would like to have some of the concepts expanded or explained, you need to actually get the book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street, in your hands and read the material in depth. Everything you might want to know is explained thoroughly in the book.

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Happy and Prosperous New Year to ALL.

Y.K. Wong, 2010