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Sun Tzu: When the country had internal struggle and long time war, the incivility of society would happen and neighbor countries would start aggressive.

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Our current President has been elected by American citizens. A decent respect is a must in Public regardless of his performance and policy. We can share the different kind of opinion, but we can’t insult our President in public.

If we do, America will lose the image of global leadership.

CNN News: An idiot broke down the process of president speech and stood up as kindergarten kid. His attitude was absolutely not acceptable in that situation.

I wish he stands up like that in front of the OLD CHINA OFFICER…….

Without any question, America can balance the budget, if the Congress can work as a team. Raise the tax of the rich in short term and cut back the tax when the economy  completely recovers and the unemployment rate is under 4 1/2 percent. Stop the waste of giving away program and over built military might.

Stop the long term political war, America has lost the image of the fairness……The greedy corporations should put  back their profits to the country. Just think about that, without this strong country to support your success, you don’t have to-day.

Some American should fulfill their responsibilities and stop to take advantage of the system.

It is incredible to see that America has all the resources and talent esp. the technology….and the current situation could happen.

The Middle East environment is very sensitive, it is because America has lost the image of principle and fairness. Used to be, when America announces…people listen. Now a day, it may be another story.

On the news, Russian has sent the military weapons and people to Syria, it is very alarming…..

Someone may need to review the Art of War’s Principles….

Sun Tzu: Summer Shower won’t rain whole day…..

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

In Sun Tzu’s content, when enemies  show irrational behavior constantly, they are looking for a way out……

Lately, explosions happened frequently, it is a lot of similarity. The show off of nuclear activity is part of the game. This country tells the world, I have the nuclear technology and I am capable of  making damage to everywhere, if I want to….

May be this country is ready to negotiate with United Nation…..Syria will fall apart, it is just a matter of time. This blooded brutal activity is not accepted by the current world. Iran will be isolated in this part of world, as soon as Syria collapses.

The chance they can succeed to make nuclear weapon is very remote. All the facilities will be destroyed before the weapon can be produced. They are a tough negotiator, also they know the current situation well.  Russia has internal problem, China has to make friend with America. China has a long history of political culture….It is the game of Chess.

The water is floating under the bridge…….

The self destructive  strategy is hurting GOP, they have to show America Public that their good intention is misunderstood. The gridlock attitude is loosing up. It will be good for the country. If they don’t begin to compensate their mistakes, the mid 90′ event will repeat !

The President may have a good chance to hold the second term.  The true facts are germinating…….

” The leader’s job is to protect the country and its citizens, it is not for his personal glory and reputation…”…………Sun Tzu.

The Leaders, the General, and the Terrain

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

   Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, ”If the General does not know himself, but he knows the terrain, he can expect (at best) a 50% success rate.” Sun Tzu also said ”If the General knows himself, but is not familiar with the terrain, he can expect (at best), a 50% success rate.  And if he knows neither himself or the terrain, he is doomed to failure.”

     It is a relief to see that our politicians in Congress have decided to attempt to actually work together to look for solutions to the country’s financial issues.  Even though the road has been rocky, at least this week we are seeing the signs of progress. The fact that they are willing to make a deal to address the most urgent financial situations is encouraging to the citizens of this country.  The politicians may not yet realize the truth stated by Sun Tzu that if the citizens lose faith in their government processes, the country becomes weak.  But at least the politicians have begun to show us that they can put considerations of the good of the country ahead of their perceived differences.

“United we stand; divided we fall.”

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu described the ultimate military strategy for winning a battle as the “do or die” strategy.  In other words, if the soldiers found themselves in a situation where they had no recourse but to fight for their very survival, they would do so, and emerge victorious. Surely our country does not have to be on the very brink of collapse before our politicians will rise up together and deal with the “enemy” (economic disaster).

There is no reason that the budget cannot be balanced in this country without waiting for a total emergency.  Some of the most intelligent people on earth live in the U.S.  As more and more agendas of special interests are exposed, the easier it will become to correct the imbalances.

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“Business Is a Battlefield”

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

People have said that “business is a battlefield.”  Corporations compete ruthlessly with each other to gain the market share by whatever means necessary.  The victor takes the spoils of the profits.

The lone individual seeking to take on Wall Street by investing in the Stock Market without adequate preparation is at risk of being slaughtered.  For example, on May 6, 2010, the Market went down 900 points within 15 minutes.  The unprepared investors ended up as casualties of the day.

In my own quest to take on Wall Street, I discovered that the military concepts of The Art of War were invaluable.  They enabled me to discipline myself to follow certain principles that gave me confidence to make the best decisions.

The Art of War Applied to Wall Street is the outcome of my years of experience in the financial field, investing in stock, as well as close observation of national and international political and business trends.

During my youth in China, the teachings of Sun Tzu were common topics of discussion.  Later on, I became aware that as I was confronted with a business or financial decision, some of the precepts of Sun Tzu that I had internalized gave me a perspective that enabled me to have an insight that catalyzed a solution to a problem.

This was so consistent an experience over time, that I decided to see how I could apply the principles to investing in the Stock Market. I was not surprised to experience very positive results. I soon realized there was a void in the published materials intended to assist investors, that could only be filled by applying the principles of The Art of War.

I began a detailed study of the original Chinese text of The Art of War, looking for correlations between Sun Tzu’s philosophy of “Know yourself /Know your enemy” and investment strategy.

My book has two components.  The first section deals directly with applying the principles of The Art of War, almost point-by-point, to the world of investing. It is not a discussion of bonds, futures, options and various investment tools. The average investor doesn’t have the time to study this kind of information.  Furthermore, the type of investment based on time limits is not congruent with the principles of The Art of War, because if you are under a time constraint, you are actually under the control of your “adversary.”  Of course, depending on your time, resources, and personality, you can research the time-based investment tools and use them successfully.

“If one tool can fix something, you don’t need to have a whole tool box.”  For me, that one tool is The Art of War, and it is accessible to the average investor.

(Excerpted from Part One of the book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street).