The Depth of Sun Tzu’s Philosophy are pertinent to our daily life…

March 17th, 2012

Know Yourself and Know Your Circumstance……..Sun Tzu.

America is the land of opportunity. Often when people have all the freedom and their directions get lost . Their life will be led into a miserable situation……….

As a result of it, it produces 2% of super rich and 98% of poor……It is a fair game to begin with on this land of opportunity. When the smart guys build up their wealth , they also build up their networks and connection. Now they have money power as well as political power. Their fingers reach every corner of this wonderful land.  Without manipulation, capitalism should be a good system.

They write  up all wonderful songs and make you believe them. “Believe me, it is good for you.”  Take the Wall Street as an example.  It is a long term investment, let me have your money…  Don’t trade; but they trade. They even trade the FUTURE. Who knows the future?  Have you ever heard the insider trading before ? Find it out.


People should not completely blame on the Rich, you are part of the problem. You help them to meet their purposes. It is a fair game to start with. You let it happen.

“You believe what they say. You accept their invitation. You are willingly go into their toxic golden trap.”

I have heard that people only need three month savings for the unknown future. You will find a job within three months. Really?  What happens now ? When the environment changes,  you are screwed ! You will lose most of your wealth that you have built for years……Guess who will get your loss, the 2%.

I remembered when I was very young in Hong Kong and Macau, I only saw one kind of red color lipstick, it was in 50′. Now how many colors of them are on the market ? The worst part of them, now ,due to the fashionable society, the color of your lipstick has to match with your cloth color……so as the nail color….. For certain environment, they match with the shoe’s color too

Women Shoes keep changing shapes, such as ” round, square; high, flat heel; colors…” …All the fashion stands for only few months. It is on fire sale. Keep buying…

How about the dresses, no wonder the GOOD WILL stores are cross the country……

Poor fellows keep working. You work hard , you earn it…..Really?  Don’t feel too bad, You are not alone.

I have been wondering for many years. Why major business are in down town, but people are living far away from it. It is very different from foreign country. Local people told me that people wanted more relaxation after work……  If you are the 2% of rich, that is correct.

I live in GA.  If you live far away from down town and you work in down town, how can you feel relaxing when you get into highway 75 and 85 to work  in the morning or go home in the late afternoon…….Can you imagine that the time you have wasted on the highway each day ?  Time means Gold.  Time will never be back to you. life is one way ticket !!

Currently, some slum down town area are tore down and contractors  are building up many expensive buildings and houses……Strange things happen. Poor people will be kicked out from this area, because the property tax that they can’t afford to pay. They have to sell their property and leave.

No money down, no interest until so and so……keep buying. Credit cards are so convenient for daily life and business………Guarantee rate etc ….Banks can change the rate over night, because your credit is changed. Even you have excellent credit, they will change your rate, when the banks have the financial problems….Good credit system is a must, but unfortunately, the system is manipulated.

The credit agency changes your credit rate as long as some idiot reports you to them…not because you really have problem , it is their typing error or mistake…..Your record will be stuck for years…….You will pay their mistake , and you don’t even know.

You buy a house  to build up your future assets. Theoretically, it is a wonderful concept. When the huge institutions screw up the housing market, you are paying their greedy consequences. One of big financial institution told the Congress, we lost ‘$900 M’. for this mortgage deal, but later they  received ‘$60 B ‘ from a gigantic insurance company. It is the tax dollars.

Current news: A high rank officer resigned from this firm and stated that he resigned from there because of its toxic culture……They are too big to fall….

If a LBO or M&A happens to your working place, your retired security may be in trouble.

When you look at all the examples ( It is a small part of facts), all your hard work may  not support your future security, if you don’t know the circumstance, because there will be no money that are left for you.

Do you know yourself?  People are getting old, having no money and getting sick…….Can you imagine, that you are one of them ?  Dig the well, before you are thirsty.

Now the social security may be cut…..Hell, life goes on.

How to deal with it. You are responsible for your family and your  future. Prepare the rain coat before the rain comes. Know yourself and know circumstance as Sun Tzu said.  Read my book , it can help you.

Some people work extremely hard and save each penny and put it in their saving, that is very  good habit…However, they don’t eat right, they don’t live in a reasonable place, they don’t take care their health, they dis-respect the others, and take advantage of the others……..Only money are in their minds……

Please, don’t put yourself in this category, it is the worst one, because their minds are not even free !! Normal slave has a free mind as Wind……When environment is changed, they will be free……

Sun Tzu: One Step Ahead of Your Adversary…..

March 12th, 2012

News: Another Aircraft is traveling toward Middle East. It indicates that America is serious in business.

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said that in case the war was unavoidable, every factor of war  ‘before and after’ needed to be under consideration…… The military might and image should be ready to go…

“The speech of President on Sunday is strong enough to make a final notice.”

Sun Tzu also said that if war started cooking , you should not let your adversary know what was your intention or your  internal affairs………’The weakness.’

Iran is a tough competitor. It has long history and culture. If they ever know  your  weakness and strength, it will be a  long battle. It has  proved in the past 30 years. They have been confined but they are surviving. They know America politics very well.

Some country said that the sanction was not working…..In fact, isolation is working, but America gave them too much space to maneuver. They feel pain but they are holding on, because of their cultural strength.  They are playing the chess game ahead of America. They find the time to do what they want…..The inch by inch strategy has succeeded their purpose.

Our leader should let them know, if the result of inspection is positive, their nuclear program must stop immediately without delaying……This surprised message will turn the game around. If the statement ” I mean what I said” has the legs to stand.    It is the Image !!

“The Chi and Cheng principle of Art of War can applies here.”    Flexible to deal with the circumstance.

If our leaders  see that it is the best way to maintain the peace for this part of earth.  Our leaders should not  let the internal politics affects the determined decision……The military power should act behind the image.  It is the Strength and Image as Sun Tzu said.

” Leader’s job is for the country and citizens, not for personal glory…”………..Sun Tzu.

Currently, America is moving the chess game after Iran. America is chasing their game plan. They decide what they want, the time is on their side. Need to change their game.

If our leaders can put the election as secondary, America controls the time to act. Iran will get the signal and they will give up their intention at least in the near future……..They don’t want to face the military disaster based on their leader’s  latest statement.  They are playing a marginal game. War is unpredictable. Only the wise people will try to avoid it.  Their leader made a short sentence about war conflict, something was spoken out ……

If this backward and forth situation continues,  the greedy corporations will take advantage of the uncertain future and will continue  jetting up the gas price,  the economy will collapse for sure…..The election result will be everybody’s  guess …This is the weakness of capitalism. “Manipulation.”

Just a thought, when I saw the News talking about  the aircraft journey…. ……

I work hard, I earn it…………..Really?

March 7th, 2012

I have been hearing this kind of saying daily in American society during the past 40 years . In the past, it is very true, because  ‘trust’  is the essence of this society. Just a hand shake, it is a gold contract.

Now a day, no matter what contract that you have, you may still  get screwed. Justice is there, but it depends on who you are and what is your connection…..

It seems that you are as a pair of nice shoes, after the shoes are wore out or the fashion having been changed, you will be dropped.       Know your circumstance as Sun Tzu said.

You put your life on a big company and expect the secured future……Once the company either LBO or A&M, you will be forced early retirement, if you are luck.  Most of the time you are fired. Then, you are facing your aged problem, no company wants you.

How can you avoid this kind of disaster ? Review The Art of War, you may catch its principles, ” Know Yourself, Know Your Adversary and Know the Circumstance”.

The translation of my book has better quality, it was blogged in the previous article. Western author has seldom understood Chinese cultural materials. Even Chinese scholars have problems about these ancient materials. You read it , you may not understand it. At the top of it, the translation is another problem.

For example, the few pages of TAI CHI theory, it has been read through  hundred of years by Chinese or Chinese Martial Art experts, how many of them can really understand them ? Only few!!

Wall Street means money and power. If you don’t really know them, you will be swallowed in terms of money……. Your hard earn money will be their luxurious bonus.  Pay attention to their psychological strategy daily.

All the financial products have sugar coats such as for your future financial security or for tax purpose…..the WMD  ( your children education) approaches to your heart,  once it kidnaps your attention. You are cooked. There are no free lunch.

It is your responsibility to know or understand your circumstance and yourself…if you are cheated, you are part of the problem…..Mr. Maddog’s case, it sounds familiar.. Something is too good to be true.

You think you work hard and  you earn it.  Most of the time, it may be not the case. If you are not careful about your circumstance, your hard work,  someone gets your harvest……

America is the land of opportunity……Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing……….However, freedom of speech creates too much con men and con women daily……They can rip off your life savings…

Look at the presidential candidates, except Mr. Ron Paul, their speeches are as sweet as artificial sugar …….It may have the healthy issue. Research is needed.

If you don’t want a dysfunctional Government, your vote is very important for the country.

Don’t stay in dangerous place as Sun Tzu said…….

March 1st, 2012

America has completed  its purposes to destroy the terrorist organization and help to reform a new government of this mountain country. Even America has commitment to  do more training job for them, however their government can’t direct or guide their people to obey the order. It will be a very tough situation to continue the training operation.

The murderer is the one whom America soldiers are going to train and educate ……That kind of people may be  the infiltrated people of Taliban…………Current riot may be not just because of burning the old books. This intentionally murderous case can happen any time under this kind of environment.

Is it worth to stay there?    It is not America breaking  the commitment, it is their government not to fulfill their obligation or responsibility………This situation is hurting America image and soldier’s morale.

Their government is corrupted, the local people don’t understand why American are there ?  The Taliban are mixed up with local people and are looking for the opportunity to kill America soldiers.

” Make ally with local people, if you want to succeed, leave the dangerous place, if you don’t”get the support………..Sun Tzu.

Few years ago, I saw an article from a  magazine, if my memory is correct, it was written by the security expert, Mr. Brzezinski.  He said that Afghan was the important place for the military strategy. Well, if America can’t get their government  and local people support, how much advantage will be for the future. Risk/ reward equation may need to review. Circumstance is changing.

Compared to another situation, America needs to stay there to protect the vital interest and be ready for any circumstances. The oil is major factor for America economy…..

America is doing the proper strategy as the General, Dempsey and Mr. Brzezinski talked about on CNN.

Global conflicts are constantly changing as weather. This kind of war chess game is very hard to chew on. The changing color of hair is a signal of extreme stress….It is a very tough job !!

Some of the current presidential candidates push to war in the unthinkable manner. If hundred of thousand soldiers need 10 year to control  thousands of  adversary, think twice before starting another wide fire.

America is still a super power house in terms of Military Might, however, environment keeps changing  especially the internal problem exists .  Good news may be on the way, because our leaders are communicating ……..

Don’t get into the enemy’s traps……..

February 25th, 2012

Sun Tzu said that used your military strength to hit your enemy’s weakness.  It didn’t mean that used your fancy car to hit a 1922 farm truck…..

Don’t let your enemy knew your weakness and flexible to coordinate the soldier’s unit  as a circle defense…There will be no sign of deficiency and be ready to counter attack at any time…It will  never mean that set up the camp and wait to get beat…..

Make a strong relationship with local people………etc.

Current war has a lot of similarity to Vietnam war. Certainly, it is not a copy of it. It is not just few old book problems currently, it is the propaganda and local people’s frustration. It has been a ten year war, the local people are paying the consequences…..”Officers eat beef, citizen eat dirt.”

America soldiers will be very frustrated and morale will be affected too. It also indicates that just the Military Might may not win certain conflicts. Each conflict will be different………

Based on the News, the strategy has been changed..Use the drone and special unit for the future conflicts (terrorist attack).  That is a proper way to deal with it.

The drone can make the adversary  under psychological frightening 24/7, make them worry about their last hour any time. The special unit can wipe them out as long as the situation is allowable. Use the military mighty to support all the activities. That is what Sun Tzu means Military Strength. Cut down the collateral damage and save the resources…….

Those fanatic people have succeeded to exhaust America Resources . They take advantage of their terrain and their religious concept. Make good use of propaganda to train local people as explosive tools…….Mix with the local people after  or before an attack. It is very tough to win a conflict in this kind of environment, even America can control this situation temporarily, but the result is  very fragile. Plus  it will need huge amount of soldiers and resources……The current riot is an example.

“Send few packages through airline and it costs American couple of Billion Dollars…..”

Does America real know this enemy as  what Sun Tzu referred to ??

Their corrupted Government is part of the major problems. America’s  good will never connect to the local people, because local people do not get the benefit from America. If this corrupted Government does not correct its policy , no matter what America has done for them.  It will not work. Look at Asia as an example in the past.  This new Government will be over turned by the Taliban as soon as America leaves this country, period!  Their people don’t trust the Government. History repeats.

Iran’s delaying strategy may get backfire. It is a closed call.. Its corky attitude that doesn’t know how far it can go, will cost their country dearly. Time will tell.

United Nation Game is being played by the super power. America is putting a right Chess Move ,”watch and wait”. One wrong move, America will be accused as Colonial action.  ” Damn, you do it, damn, you don’t”. It sounds familiar.

Think thrice before each movement. America has been involving most of the major conflicts globally after World ll War. What is the result ? What is the purpose?  How much does it cost America resources and American lives? As a global leader, America should involve certain major conflicts, but not everyone of it………

War is the last tool to solve the conflict after all diplomatic ways are exhausted. Each conflict can be solved, if all party can sit back and reconsider the circumstances and consequences…….However, history says it all.

Out Of Touch……….

February 18th, 2012

I have been hearing that the leading candidate is out of touch………..and can not connect with the middle class……..

Commentators and experts of the political field keep talking or criticizing about the candidates. Where is the solution?  In my humble opinion,  about anything that if you don’t go through, you don’t sense it   or you don’t touch it, your mind will never guide you to think the right way……..If you don’t have these experiences or data in your mind, you can’t say the ’same tune’ as middle class or poor people…..The communication is not existence, period !!

The strategical experts of this candidate should guide him to walk through the poor and middle class area of each State daily after his busy campaign time……..Let him see it and sense it . Let him personal touch the reality, if this candidate wants to be future American President…..

He proves the beauty of America Capitalism but he is out of touch…….If debate  ever  happens between the current president and this candidate, he will be knocked down in the first round…….

There was a historical story during the last Empire of China. The third King of Ching Empire heard that  people were suffering and struggling in the Southern Part of the country due to the previous brutal King…..There was a notorious slaughtered rule ,” Slaughter Nine Tribes” by then.  Anything that related  or connected to the accuser, will be completely eliminated………..It means that the accuser’s Gene is totally terminated.

The King, Chuan Lung recognized this horrible rule, he might be well educated about Chinese history too. He made a secret trip to the South for a long period of time. He observed the living condition and the suffering of local people. Observed the corruption of OFFICERS………and saw the Rich and Poor daily life…….

When he came back to the North (Peking), he ordered and changed the old rules, treated people fairly, let different kind of tribes have opportunity to rise up as officers……

This King, Chuan Lung built up a famous empire of the last kingdom by history……..

Generals seldom rush to War, because they know what a war means……Idiots and ignorant want to fight after they saw a movie……..Most of the current candidates are out of touch about the war affair…..

The planners of this country keep pumping the Money to foreign country and expect them to fit in America living model ….. they may need to review their policy and all relative factors. The out of touch rule may  need to reconsider………

The Tea Party originally is the voices of American, however the elected leaders are too theoretical…..Don’t be the out of touch…..

If the Congress is back on track, it is the best thing that ever happens in the past 10 years. The whole world needs America’s leadership. Only and if America can put down the biased internal agenda….

Know Yourself…..Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu: Summer Shower won’t rain whole day…..

February 16th, 2012

In Sun Tzu’s content, when enemies  show irrational behavior constantly, they are looking for a way out……

Lately, explosions happened frequently, it is a lot of similarity. The show off of nuclear activity is part of the game. This country tells the world, I have the nuclear technology and I am capable of  making damage to everywhere, if I want to….

May be this country is ready to negotiate with United Nation…..Syria will fall apart, it is just a matter of time. This blooded brutal activity is not accepted by the current world. Iran will be isolated in this part of world, as soon as Syria collapses.

The chance they can succeed to make nuclear weapon is very remote. All the facilities will be destroyed before the weapon can be produced. They are a tough negotiator, also they know the current situation well.  Russia has internal problem, China has to make friend with America. China has a long history of political culture….It is the game of Chess.

The water is floating under the bridge…….

The self destructive  strategy is hurting GOP, they have to show America Public that their good intention is misunderstood. The gridlock attitude is loosing up. It will be good for the country. If they don’t begin to compensate their mistakes, the mid 90′ event will repeat !

The President may have a good chance to hold the second term.  The true facts are germinating…….

” The leader’s job is to protect the country and its citizens, it is not for his personal glory and reputation…”…………Sun Tzu.

Syria: The Game Constantly Changes….

February 13th, 2012

News: Russia open an agreement on Syria……

When Russia secures the survival of Syria and its position as a player in Middle East, they have to go along with the Arabic world. They know this blooded crush can’t hold on forever.

America is doing the right thing, let the Arab deal with their problems.  This second resolution of United Nation is going to pass. America should stand by  and support the Arab, but it should base on the real facts and human rights. The culture in this part of world is very sensitive, sometime you think you are doing the right thing for them, but you may get the negative results. The current war sounds familiar.

” Don’t understand the situation, just wait and see, dangerous place, don’t stay”……..Sun Tzu.

As soon as the Syria’s situation is stabled, the brutal kingdom eventually will fall apart. It is the time factor. Russia is buying the time to help Iran’s situation.

It is like a wild beast to fight its way out, when it is cornered. Iran has problems from  inside out. It will humble to the United Nation and save  its country from military disaster. But they will try again…….

America is doing the right strategy to corner Iran especially in current situation…

” One stone hits two birds, it is part of Sun Tzu philosophy too”.

The hawkish leaders need to sit back and review the past wars…Learn something from them…..

One way you want to balance the budget, another way you want more war…..Where is the Money ? When the internal problems are settled, American have house to live with and foods are on the table…It is the time to revise the global affairs.

Face the reality, be reasonable to deal with this country problems. All the political gossip, it won’t fly !!

It seems like the big bird without wings. He can walk , he can talk, but he can’t fly.

Read the first chapter of Art of War, it will help you learn  how to run the country.

Sun Tzu: Make Noice in the East and Easy the Tension of the West….

February 10th, 2012

There was a story about a deceptive war game, during Sun Tzu’s period of time.  Sun Tzu  sent his troops to attack a small country ,Wei  which was the ally of big country, Jor….While Jor was circling and attacking Chiu which was ally of Wu ( Sun Tzu was the commander of Wu).  Chiu was facing the danger of being wiped out…..and asked the help from Wu…….

Sun Tzu did not want directly confrontation with Jor, because it was not the right time . So he set up this deceptive strategy to make Jor withdrew its troops and went to help Wei……

Sun Tzu succeeded  to save Chiu and bought the time for preparing the future confrontation with Jor…Later , it was a historical war which Sun Tzu maneuvered 30000 soldiers to defeat 300000 troops…It was a well prepared war game.

It is a lot of similarity to current Middle East situation……Iran is under extremely pressure by the United Nations, because of its questionable nuclear program…..The Syria brutally crushed its civilians , it may be part of the game. Based on CNN, Iran has sent an well known brutal expert of up rising disturbance…. The purpose is to easy up the tension and distraction from the United Nations.  The cash flow of Syria  depends on Iran……..Iran uses Syria as the bridge to pass its plans…..

Now it is getting more complicated, because of  the involvement of Russia. Based on the News, Russia send an envoy to Syria…….Syria is a significant customer of Russia and also a strategical partner…Well, China is playing a “Fish Man Game.”

The current situation is very dangerous and complicated……Who knows what will happen……

The hawkish presidential candidates constantly want to make another war. This unthinkable talking shows how much they know about the consequences of war……..

America has  serious internal problems. Our leaders need to find a way to solve them first,  before thinking about another conflict…. Review all the past conflicts and learn from them.

It is not the Party, it is the Country.  Military Power may not be the only way to handle the international affairs.   Greed and Power repeat again and again historically.

The Right Strategy: Make Your Enemy Surrender Without Fighting.

January 24th, 2012

CNN News: America aircraft passed the Persian Gulf without unexpected event. It is exactly what Sun Tzu teaching means that projects out  your image of military power and let your enemy humble.

It is war chess game. In the past few months, Iran made a lot of waves to distract the attention. Obviously, this country was taking the hit by the isolating tactic in terms of economy. On the top of it , they had internal struggling of power, it was reported on the news.

Psychologically, they were desperate to announce that no oil could pass the gulf. They tried to intimidate the world energy market. This self destructive method was not working. It stimulated the unification of the world and condemned  this action.

Time to show the military muscle, that is why the aircraft  travels the gulf with the ally. The announcement of  diplomatic negotiation is still on the table…by the Secretary of Defense. It is a wonderful way to handle this tension. Give the enemy time to think about  the consequences……

“You kill ten thousand of enemy soldiers, you may lose three thousand of yours”………..Sun Tzu.

“No fight is a good fight”, it is in Martial Arts theory.

Iran has long time of history and culture…..Partial war may stimulate the pride of their people and their unification. Their cultural and religious strength will cost a long time war……..

Let their people do the job and support their people. One day, their people will appreciate America…That is the right way to be a super power.

Current situation seems having a lot of similarity compared to the COLD WAR period. Cold war takes over twenty years to succeed. If gulf crisis can succeed within few years, it is outstanding  especially under the current awkward environment.

All the hawkish presidential candidates need to review the Art of War, then they may change their tune. Look at the consequences of the two wars…..

You want to be a global power house, you have to let the other countries and their people know what you have done for them. Their appreciation is your future success.

In case of all diplomatic ways are exhausted, the conflict is  unavoidable , then stay the war principle.