CNN: Why They Hate Us…?

Sun Tzu: Know The Circumstance and Situation….

That part of the world has been educated in the way of Muslim life for thousand of years….There are “deviations” of teaching from place to place…Some of them mutate to extreme dialog….It seems like Christian worship……

People over there probably are illiterate up to 85 %+, they are brain-washed by their leaders. Look at their traditions…there are no way that those way of life will be accepted by modern world……That is the only way their leaders manipulate their people…..

America goes there to preach Democratic Modern life…If local people believe American teaching , then their leaders will be afraid to lose their power…..

It is the first CONFLICT….

Sun Tzu: Know Your Adversary….

The extreme local leaders  under the threat of losing power, they will tell their believers to fight the new comer….War is created.  As the result of these situations, people are killed and families are broken…The towns are destroyed….The young generation loses the family, home, relatives…The hatred is absolutely present…

Sun Tzu: Know Yourself….The General should continue deep thinking, everything should be under consideration….especially about the war’s consequences before going to war….

War is for peace, War is the last resources to stop the conflict….

America seems having a Good Will to help another nation, however the policy is too often going too extreme….” I give you the money, you have to do what I want…”  Without looking at their cultures, the result is becoming the opposite direction….

Look at the Middle East to-day, it is a typical example. Hundred of thousand people were killed, M of refugees were escaping from the war, their home towns were destroyed up to the Stone Age…..

You think people over there will love America, Really?

Politicians often make a lot of speech on TV…They are talking about the glorious period of 30-40 ago….But they don’t tell you the difference between now and then….

Currently America buries a huge debts (19 Trillions), Politicians waste money for their agenda from left to right like drunken sailors….The public servant duty means nothing to them..” Do nothing Congress seems a good fit”….It seems over extent the military power….The advisers for the leader suggest that going to war without the boots on the ground….The worst thing ever happens,  SOME VETS become  “nobody care” when they come home….It is shameful!!

Sun Tzu: If a war is claimed, you will do everything to win the war….

The LBO during the 80′ completely destroy the loyalty of Americans, because the greedy Wall Street…Even to-day, the big corp. and very rich people park their money in foreign soils….

Just name a few points…Can America continue deteriorating like current situation and hold the super power tittle as used to be……Every body guess?