SUN TZU: What would I say, if I were alive to-day in America….

There are no “absolutely”   Human right,  Freedom of Speech, Justice and so on….

Human Right: Women can’t make  decision for their own body….Religious people control the decision for them….Look at  the church leaders, most of them have been found out about their life manner….Quote: Sex scandal, corruption,….as the bad politicians…..Then what do you think?

If God ever exists, He creates ” Adam and Eva” to form Human Beings to extend the Human Lives….Then the same sex marriage is against the  GOD’S WILL…..

USA has more prisoners than any other  country of the world….If you do not have crooked lawyer for you, you are a dead meat….

Freedom of Speech: Civilians can’t say Mr. N, or criticize  Mr. J,….It is because of you being accused as racial biased…..You may have a charge as hate crime…However, if you say  ” China man” it seems OK. Because a 4 stars General had  spoken in a conference ……

Justice: The Political Parties want favored Judge as the Supreme Court Judge, then what’s their purpose….?

Rich Pac try to manipulate the election outcome, then  is it a Free Election…?

Is America the Relatively Better Place to live….”THE ANSWER IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE…!!”

The system has a good will to help the poor and poorest, but some people just ignore the golden opportunity and are doing  another easy way as long as you produce 4 or 5 children, your life can be easy than to work…..”America will be financially broke one day….” It is liberal country…”

America has good intention to build a democratic society for another country, so to over turn the dictator..”A war is created…”  As a result, hundred of thousands dead people and M. of refugees have happened…Towns are destroyed up to Stone Age….It will take 20 years to rebuild.  Human Rights are questionable….”Sun Tzu: Deep thinking for the consequences….”

America wants the peace and prosperity of the world…..but continuing to have conflicts with Russia and China….When the world peace can happen….?

Politicians want America as powerful as used to be…But they continue wasting the Tax dollars and build up the 19 Trillion’s debts and keep going…..

Politicians are fighting for their selfish ego and divide the country as a racial ball game for votes…The leader even agrees the ” Black Life Matter ” without seeing the Situation clearly…..Well, when a THUG robbed the general store and then fought a police…He has all the rights…it is because the Black life Matter….”The law has been broken,  a leader agrees it..”  The civilians will follow….”

Look at the history !

Sun Tzu: If you are in the same ship, work together to go through the storm…The General’s job is to protect  the country and benefit for citizens, it is not for the personal legacy and glory.

It is American public servant’s duty, it shows in America Constitution…People seem forgetting what they are educated…