Sun Tsu: “TAO”

Sun Tzu: ReferĀ  “TAO” as a way of unification of a country from top politicians to citizens…They all work as one mind, protect the country and benefit for civilians…

Look at America to-day, politics are divided so as the “Race”…People are not educated to know the benefit of unification instead of putting the Races as a tool for votes….

It is getting backfire ! Different Race takes advantage of the situation for their own benefit instead of putting the country as a priority.

White folks will be a minority in the coming years. The new comer seems having 4 or 5 children / family…..

The one already here does not recognize the golden opportunity to rise up instead of involving the drug business for living…

The drug war has been fighting since 80′. It is getting worse. America can send materials to MARS but can’t stop the drug war..It seems very ODD.

America suggests a free election and tell the world doing the same, but the RICH PAC wants to controlĀ  the outcome ….Is it a free election supposed to be??

America is a super power country and wants the world prosperity and peace !! If America can’t unite its own country and loses the trust from the world….America may need to review its policiesĀ  internally and globally……

Sun Tzu: If you want to be the world super power you need the world allies so as the one mind citizen to support your policy…..” Record of intruders want to get into the White House…”

Look at the society, people don’t respect the law as used to be. Robberies and killing more and more….Old Saying: People at the top don’t do their duties, the lower rank will follow…It is happening now.

“Live is matter regardless of Race”….Police are far from perfect but civilians need them…Their badge represents the law, on the top of it, they have GUN, why people want to fight with them at that moment…It is beyond any imagination !

America can lead the world without doubt, if America can put “things” together and rebuild the Image…However if America continues deteriorating as current manner…Only God knows.

Sun Tzu: Prepare the rain coat before the rain comes….