CNN:The Free Election….

Sun Tzu: The Image….

Every American has the absolutely right to vote for his future President…..”It is right on the Constitution.”

It is America’s Backbone, it is America dependent on, it is the Principle of America for the Freedom and leads the world….

Based on TV information and current environment, it seems that the “Voting Right” is  away from the Principle…

Some say it is the Rules of the Party, so they can assign the Electoral Votes whenever they want…Well, then the free election seems creating a problem to against the Principle.

It seems a laughing joke ! America leads the world and spreads the Freedom everywhere…..The ex-President went to so many countries as a watch man…

Be careful this situation, America’s Image may be ruined….The world will have a doubtful feeling about America’s leadership…..

Currently, the election is influenced by money. Based on last election, over B. of dollars were spent on TV advertisement…..So , if you don’t have money, you can’t be a candidate…..

It was said that Americans are used to be wealthy before they run the the Public Servant Job, now-a-day people run this job and get rich…..Certainly some good Americans dedicate their life for their duty….

Through the Congress Hearing, most of the time, it seems artificial movie for Show….CNN interview.. Quote: It is an intelligent failure of Isis problem…..It has been a war of over ten years….Trillion of dollars were wasted and the intelligent still fail…..

Sun Tzu: War should be short and fast….Otherwise, it will pull down  the country economy and civilians will suffer….

Now, this Middle East Mess, when will it end….

Candidates dig out the old dirt like talkative people are shouting in the free market to attract audiences….Folk, the world is watching !

America has to rebuild the “Military Mighty,” but not  stretching for wars everywhere…It is for  Home Land Security and protect the civilians…..Humbly thinking deeply, why America and world powerful allies can’t stop those Idiots for so long….It is beyond any imagination…

America can throw Trillion of dollars over sea, but America has homeless and very sick VETS..It seems it does not make sense……

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