Sun Tzu: War is the last resource to stop the disaster conflict…

It means that the variables should try anything and mean of ways to solve the conflict. When all possibilities of peaceful conditions are exhausted.  The war plan then takes place.

As Sun Tzu has said, WAR is a serious business, it can’t take lightly in every possible situation.

CNN: US will talk to Iran directly. It is a significant move in terms of political game. If the purpose is for Peace, then this direct negotiation should take place.  Before it happens, all information are through the third party, US never has first hand information. That may yield a serious mistake and the collateral damage will be heavy.

America is a global leader, it should maintain the attitude of fairness and justice . The right of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ should be granted.

Sun Tzu: Let your adversary recognizes the advantage and disadvantage of the treaty, what will be the consequence, if they don’t cooperate. Then show the military power… The fear will make them humble….

Iran doesn’t want to war with America. The short statement of its leader few months ago was very clear.  However, America negotiator has to put their culture as a conditional element…..

It is no doubt that Iran has the intention to build Nuclear Weapons in the near future. US may grant them to make an explanation during the meeting. It is the proper way to handle the international affair. Restore America’s Image.

America has the most Mighty Weapons on earth, but it can’t fight every conflict of the world. Even it can, America and Americans will be deadly exhausted in the unknown future. The Libya and Turkey attacks are the beginning. It is the IMAGE to stop all the Devil.

Sun Tzu: You want to stop  the problem of bandits, take their leader away.

The sanction is making progress, it will succeed, if the time is allowed. However,Iran has two key players behind them. There is no telling how long it will take.

If the purpose is for peace, the ego should be off from the table. Mutual  respect is a must. Put America benefit as a priority.

America is facing an internal war.

If the purpose is for the prosperity of this country. Negotiation and cooperation are a good idea. The incumbent just wins a fiscal battle. A new approach to Congress should take place.

Don’t stretch your power too thin. Take care the economy first. Don’t forget that the success of your second term, it is because of the citizens are on your side. If they are continuously suffering, once they are back away from you, your planning glorious record of America history will be changed…..

Sun Tzu: Wise people not only see the Sun and Moon……they see the things, most of people don’t see…

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