It is a political Chess Game. America has no FIscal Cliff yet, GOP has one immediately….

Sun Tzu: If you stubborn to fight, you will be wiped out…..

GOP needs to step back and regroups for next game before the political disaster happens. They play a tough and wrong game. They put themselves at the edge of cliff…..

Look at the current situation. Americans want to compromise,  it is loud and clear. Now Wall Street, Super Rich, and Corporations want to compromise…..The World wants to compromise to maintain the financial stability…….ONLY some of GOP members want to argue their principles which are not fitted for current environment.  “You don’t fit, you have to quit.”

There are no legs and no place to stand… They are at the edge of cliff .

WHAT is the purpose for this argument ?  It is the intention to make America have better future.  “Cut Tax and Reduced the expense” is right, but without Cash, the Government can’t function properly.

“Cut tax and reduced expense” should be next step when America flourishes  again. If GOP means in business, they should understand this simple concept. Don’t misuse  this TAX argument for your political agenda. It is wrong time and wrong situation…..History will be the witness.

Sun Tzu: One step ahead of your adversary…Take advantage of your circumstance….Make your adversary humble….

The Incumbent has  proved to American Public during the election. All he needs to present a sincere facts to GOP, let them  see their Party’s future…The comprise will be done. Let them know AMERICA will exist but GOP will face the uncertainty. Americans have 2.0 eye….

The other Party should do a better job in terms of expenses. The wasted programs will make this country financially unbalanced. Programs are not designed for Votes. This wrong concept will pull the country down….The over built Military Might should be temporary delayed . Let the research keeps going.

Corporations put their Money to work. The employment will be up back to its potential again in the near future.

The Cash infusion to the global crooks may need to review. The experts should analyze the past 50 years data. It seems not working. If wars are for Real America Interest , then go forward, otherwise bring the braved soldiers home. This war creates a lot of broken families. It will produce many, many consequences in the near future.

If America stands for the principles of how people  built this Great Country…The Fairness, The Mutual Respect, The Loyalty and Trust…..The Innovation…..

The Image of America  right after  WWll will be reappeared again.

Sun Tzu: The leader’s jobs are for the country and citizens, it is not for silly arguments and political agenda…….

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