Sun Tzu’s Principles Are Pertinent Today

If principles Sun Tzu’s put forth in his book, The Art of War, had been followed by the leaders today, many recent mistakes in the Middle East could have been avoided. Those principles are:

* There must be an overwhelming reason to engage a warfare.

*  The populace, the military leaders and political leaders must all be of one       mind  in support the reason.

*  Long distance, long term war will weaken the country and can lead to defeat. The military must never be overstretched.

*  Any war should be fast and short.

*  A military operation should never allow itself to get into a situation that it can not quickly get out of.

*  Never underestimate your enemy.

*  Never overestimate your own force.

* Ignore any of the above will lead to a disaster. The country will end up in major debt and citizens will suffer and the credibility of the government will be weakened,

Just as these principles have proved for themselves to be true for hundreds of years in international relations, they are correct as today.

CNN: An ex Senator says that it is a mistakes to put the American  Ground Force in Syria conflict….It will have a serious consequence. The ten year war of Iraq and Afghan should take it as  a lesson……

It is a wise and experienced statement……

CNN: An interview with Egypt officer, America’s aid and money are good for America purposes…We, Egyptians will do what soever accordingly. There are no appreciation of what America has done for his country. Money doesn’t buy ally.

The internal struggling of America politics is weakening the image and finance of this country.

If people pay attention to the news, 2% of populace pays 46% tax revenue, it is a very serious signal about the future of this country. “Too rich and too poor” is not  a healthy Society of Capitalism…….

Over 3 million jobs are open and no people fit in.  It is because the Corporations move their companies to foreign soil and train local people over there….

Here American workers have the gap of tech knowledge for the past ten years….

I just hope the powerful figure can see the problems. They keep saying that American can take challenge …….There are no history that can tell me, if a country which has this kind of internal political struggle and childish argument about silly thing , can conquer the world.

Rome is not built by one day, it will not fall apart by one day either, but it will fall as time goes by.

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