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The Right Strategy: Make Your Enemy Surrender Without Fighting.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

CNN News: America aircraft passed the Persian Gulf without unexpected event. It is exactly what Sun Tzu teaching means that projects out  your image of military power and let your enemy humble.

It is war chess game. In the past few months, Iran made a lot of waves to distract the attention. Obviously, this country was taking the hit by the isolating tactic in terms of economy. On the top of it , they had internal struggling of power, it was reported on the news.

Psychologically, they were desperate to announce that no oil could pass the gulf. They tried to intimidate the world energy market. This self destructive method was not working. It stimulated the unification of the world and condemned  this action.

Time to show the military muscle, that is why the aircraft  travels the gulf with the ally. The announcement of  diplomatic negotiation is still on the table…by the Secretary of Defense. It is a wonderful way to handle this tension. Give the enemy time to think about  the consequences……

“You kill ten thousand of enemy soldiers, you may lose three thousand of yours”………..Sun Tzu.

“No fight is a good fight”, it is in Martial Arts theory.

Iran has long time of history and culture…..Partial war may stimulate the pride of their people and their unification. Their cultural and religious strength will cost a long time war……..

Let their people do the job and support their people. One day, their people will appreciate America…That is the right way to be a super power.

Current situation seems having a lot of similarity compared to the COLD WAR period. Cold war takes over twenty years to succeed. If gulf crisis can succeed within few years, it is outstanding  especially under the current awkward environment.

All the hawkish presidential candidates need to review the Art of War, then they may change their tune. Look at the consequences of the two wars…..

You want to be a global power house, you have to let the other countries and their people know what you have done for them. Their appreciation is your future success.

In case of all diplomatic ways are exhausted, the conflict is  unavoidable , then stay the war principle.

Sun Tzu: Use Your Enemy’s Spear To Hit Your Enemy’s Shield.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

One of the presidential candidates uses this concept to make a big wave of success and publicity during the debate.

The candidate prepares well for his sour marriage question. He takes advantage of  Negative Image of  Media. He wins the first inning big time, but there are eight more innings to go.

Mr. King is off guard by this countered attack. It proves one thing that Sun Tzu is right about it. “You never can under  estimate  your opponent in the battlefield.”

If the candidate can tune down the voice in a polite manner, he will get better result for his future success.  CNN will follow up this subject continuously ….Directly or indirectly, this candidate will feel the impact of this consequence.

“Know your circumstance”…..Sun Tzu.

This candidate has a lot of dirt to be explained  to the public. His speech about the President, most of the time has the problem of truth. The deceptive language is used to mislead the public for his agenda. CNN will bring them up  one by one to the public.  “The night is not deep yet.”

It is politics, however, when you are running for President, your words will be checked and compared to the facts immediately. The public will judge your speech.

I want the best candidate to run this country. I don’t want another 10 year miserable…. It is long enough for everybody.

I wrote an article about the current situation earlier in this blog.  President accepted this challenge. However, he might not recognize the serious part of the problem.  In fact , nobody would know until he was in the office.

The current economy is worst than 1929, because of more debts and more responsibility.  On the top of it, the global challenge has been changing.  The internal problems are causing the workers out of work.

The candidate keeps saying the success of President Regan. However, Mr. Regan’s success did not mean that you could copy it without his  capacity. The candidate just use Regan’s name and reputation  to lead that he can turn this country around.  Let the public judge his records.

During the 80′, we saw the rosy period of economy. But the debts was building up. The saving and loan scandal was similar to the current mortgage scandal. It buried a potential problem as to-day. More debts were built up for the benefit of corporations…….

Originally I set up this blog to promote my book. This election puts me into the political funny game. May be I care this country. May be it is American life.

Nothing Right but Wrong…………Really?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

I watched the presidential candidates debated last weekend.  Most of the candidates trashed the President dearly. I just wonder what is the purpose of debate ?  A decent respect should be paid to  “Public Elected President” in the public stage…….

One of the candidate talked about basic conservative value,  especially related to his religious faith ( Catholic). I tried to remember the Catholic Bible which I learned from  St. Joseph High School in Macao.   “The Eastern Rome” is another name for Macao.

It was  50+ years ago…. In the Catholic Bible, the contents never taught people to insult the others in public. I just wonder what kind of Catholic Bible which this candidate studied…..

Religion guides  people in the right direction and teaches  ” Mutual Respect” among people.  Often people misuse religion and the misleading is continuously running into the human society.

When I saw the “YELLING” about the current President, which he has done “Nothing Right but Wrong” for  this country. Here, I am humble to say that Mr. Candidate, you should pay a decent respect to this president, because he was elected publicly  by American  at election time !!  Debate and insult are two different kind of things. You created a negative image for this great country.

“The purpose of debate is not for misleading the Public.”

When the economy “down turns “as severe as the current one, it will take long time to recover. He did not create this mess . In my book it is worst than 1929. By then this country did not have that much debts and responsibilities on its shoulder. At the top of it , the Congress is not working with the President. It is too obvious to ignore. Nothing can be done in this kind of situation.

“Congress runs the country, the President sets the direction.”

Mr. candidate, you continued to show your hawkish foreign policy. What do we learn from the current two wars ? These wars have exhausted the resources of this country. Pour the American soldiers blood into the foreign soil. What does it prove??  In reality, America Military Might can defeat any country directly and physically. However , the Image is tore down because of the internal political struggle…….Is America really in dangerous zone ??

Middle East Countries should establish their Mutual Respect Relationship, otherwise, the conflict will continue as before. Only their leaders can solve their problems, if they want to.

For security purposes,  countries which are suspected in  connecting  with “Illegal “activities, their people should not be allowed to have America Visa, period !

This Country has absolutely right to accept or deny any one to enter this country. People are already in this country, some of them just take advantage of the constitutions and misuse it for their advantage. Any country has its rules or laws which citizens must follow or accept  them as it.

Mr. candidate, your attitude which shows  “if it is not your way , it would be highway….” You should review the whole picture. If you want to be a global leader, you should have the global capacity.

After World WAR ll, the whole world needed USA as police to stable the world environment. The purpose in doing so, it is designed to help the undeveloped or war damaged countries to grow and spreads the human right and freedom. Let the world have prosperous environment in the future…….

Now the environment and situation have been changing ………You have been in political environment for so long , you should know more than normal American.

” Flexible to deal with the environment and situation”…….Sun Tzu.

In my opinion, you misuse the religious faith, you use the conservative name to against the liberal for your agenda ( personal ego). Use the Republican party as a tool to achieve your personal purpose….

You claim you are outsider of D.C.   Really??  You had been a Senator, a Governor………..The answer is here.

This President has done a decent job for this country. The facts are on the table. Every four years, American want a better President to lead this country for the unknown future. American need a real leader to go through this critical period…..  The economic hole is too big…this sinking hole is not built by one day !!  Political leaders need to review their policy and work together. If it does, it is best thing ever happens to America.

Mr. President is not my living model…….but I just want to say that a decent respect to the PUBLIC ELECTED PRESIDENT is needed.   American must pay attention to the “Trust and Loyalty” problems…..

” The commander-in-chief’s job is to protect the country and their citizens, it is not for his personal ego, reputation, and glory…”………..Sun Tzu.

“  War can be announced only after  any diplomatic way to solve the conflict is exhausted…..”…….Sun Tzu.

Trust and Loyalty are the Essential Strength of Corporation and the Country

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

After watching the political event last night, it refreshed my old memory…..

It was in the mid 80′, after the Sunday morning exercise class , Bud ( A retired high rank officer of a huge beverage company) and I chatted about the LBO……..He said that service business will dominate America in the next 10-20 years and corporations will eventually get rid of the hard ware business…..

What ? “It can’t be”…  I replied.  The hard ware business are the back bone of the society and the country. Without them, many jobs will be eliminated….American will  face many serious consequences…..

Bud said that you were right about that…..It was because of the WUSHY-WASHY  business consultants, coordinated with the selfish Ceo  of companies for their own agenda (money).

“Service business make high profits, hard ware business are very marginal”, he said.  ” Well, it is short sight”, I said……

Looked at this LBO concept , it will destroy this country backbone (the loyalty and trust). Many people will be laid off, or forced early retirement, even getting fired………

There were NO money  that ever could replace your employee’s trust and loyalty especially their life time dedicated to the company…..People got laid off , fired …etc,  because of this “Money Concept”, it will be a serious mistake….. The companies would not be succeeded without those employees,  did they recognize it?  Their employees built their companies!!    ” After the Monks pray for you, then you kick the Monks out of the door”……Next time, no more Monks pray for you !!  Why America auto market lost to Japanese?  It may be the problem.  The employees lost the trust and loyalty…..

Bud said, “they don’t care”.  It was so called “MONEY TALK, BS WALK.”

“I may not see the consequences, because of my age (69), but you will see it.”   Now, I am at Bud’s age or more,…..He was right by then, he is right now…  It has been happening.

Current market, some company charges $500/hour or may be more for a special tech program…I deeply believe that the emerging country will offer $50-100/h to replace that kind of job very soon. Without the hard ware industries as back bone to support the service business…..Service business will not stand firmly and will be easily to be replaced.

That kind of high dollar market will be facing challenge…..IT is a short sight consequences.   “You can see the Sun and Moon, it doesn’t mean you have good eye”…….Sun Tzu.

IT is  part of the reason, why America loses the job market….     Excuse and blame are used to cover their mistakes. Current A&M is similar to LBO.  It is same drug with different kind of name……Wall Street is doing business as usual.

Look at the political theater,  BLAME and ACCUSATION are in the old political book….But without the fundamental principles…….Those  politicians will be similar to the QUEEN of THE NIGHT FLOWER, it will dry up over night.

This country is losing the PUBLIC TRUST, I hope the political leaders recognize it. Lost trust is the worst thing that ever happens to a Country. Don’t forget your duty !!

It is good to see the youth seeing that!!  That is why Congressman, Ron Paul is getting the support from young American.

This great country deserves more than that !!!

” By the people, of the people…….”   It sounds familiar.

Just want to make a fair note…….

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Fox News: A presidential candidate blasted President not to work with Congress and insulted the America Constitution  by passing the Congress……..Another legal expert put more gas on the subject and said that the candidate was right about it…..

” For American sake, don’t tell me that you are honest”. Mr. candidate……..Look at your own record. “I did not cheat or lie, I took the TAX dollars legally as the duty of a consultant………”

I am not here to defend the President, I just want to make a fair note………

Mr. President is not perfect, he made few minor mistakes, during the past three years. Let’s be clear that he didn’t create two wars. Those wars have exhausted the country resources. The Wall Street created the financial disaster. He tried to stable the economy through different kind of methods. This recession  is the consequences of the 10 years wars and Wall Street scandal……Most of the American are paying the price now .  The injured and returning soldiers will face their future of uncertainty……….

” A General is created after ten of thousand soldiers dedicate their life…”…………………….Sun Tzu. Sometime. it indicates that a person’s ego will bring it on the consequence.

Congress played this country as their toy and played the politics to run down the country economy. They want to get rid of this president. And put their “Yes Man”  on the highest job of this country.

President didn’t prove the quick bail out money. The debts have been accumulated over the past 30 years. Yes, more debts are built due to the non efficient spending . Look at the current critical time, the Government is trying to do what is the best for this country. His decision is based on the  best economic professional suggestions. Stop the bleeding at any cost ( spending money and creating job) and save the  economic life . Unfortunately, the private sectors (corporations) want him out too.  That is part of the reason why economy is stuck where it was……

Look at the irrational behavior of the Congress, how can people completely blame on the President. It is beyond my imagination.  ” Congress runs the country, the President sets the direction”.

” Damn, you do it, damn, you don’t”. It sounds familiar.”

Corporations made  record of money. Trillions of cash are in hand and they do not spend them and keep laying off employees……..Uncertainty is their excuse. JOBS should come out from the private sectors.

Bankers keep squeezing the consumers. They get loan less than  1% of interest and charge 28% of credit card rate…….Congress should make a law to stop this nonsensical action.

The economy is not going to turn, if the Congress  does not work with the President.., especially. in this environment.  CNN: David McCullough, the historian said that he admired the President and he has  taken so much in this kind of situation……….It was on GPS show……

All the candidates have hawkish attitude toward the Middle East situation. People may think that America won the current wars. Look at it deeper,  it may not be the case.

Only Congressman, Ron Paul makes a common sense speech. America has internal problem…Why this country wants more war ? Why this country keeps sending the money to the foreign dictators who do not work with this country ?….Especially, this country has financial problems…..Citizens are hungry…..Can this country police the whole world, when the country is facing so much uncertainty?

Mr. Paul is right  about the current situation. He may not be right during the 60′.

” Know Yourself and Know the Environment”……Sun Tzu.

In my opinion, if Congressman , Ron Paul is nominated as the GOP candidate, he will be elected as the next President of USA. The other candidates have no chance. They dictate the OLD BIBLE and don’t understand the materials. Keep saying that they can turn this country around. May be when they are sleeping…….I have a dream !!