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Wall Street: Investment, Trading, Gamble…Now Betting….

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

” Know Your Adversary, Know Yourself,…..” ………………………………….Sun Tzu.

Capital system is one of the best system on the current market, if  it is a fair and random operation. Because, it creates challenge and competition. It will create a lot of new idea and invention. It will benefit the Human society…………

However, when the system is manipulated by certain group of special interest, it will eventually turn into a corrupted system.

Take Wall Street as an example. If a company issues the IPO through Wall Street Variables  (financial institutions etc), it is a good way to get the public money to operate this company. It will create jobs and tax revenue. It will benefit the society and community.  “Families are happy, children get the chance to complete their education…….Business are prosperous…”

“That is the real America, that is the real USA !!”

Look at the other way of weakness. When the Wall Street is not doing the right way. It will create the manipulated market. It may not be 100% manipulation. Surely, the current market is not for the normal JOE. Wall Street sucks up whole world money into its pot. It is very attractive , if you are greedy for money.

I have been seeing problems since 90′ such as Wcom, Enron, Global X and more……The internet bubbled, by then,  nobody talked about fundamentals, only the “FUTURE GROWTH”…Qcom was predicted that it will be worth $1000/s……AOL bought Time Warner, well , it was a good buy for AOL…….Look at Bank of America, it combined with Mer and Country Wide, now it is worth only $5+/s. currently. Before Mer merged with BOA,  it was worth over $100+/s, so as Country Wide…..It is a magic action !!   BOA has been making over 10 of $B….one out of two American is banking on it . How many banks were absorbed by “Nation Bank”, before it merged with Bank of America….?  When you look at the high fly stock price and compared to BOA,  this $5+/s will spin your mind and make you want to get rid of it. THAT is what the WS people want!!

I had run a tiny mortgage company in 2003, as soon as I recognized that buyer paid no money down, and had cash back with a NEW HOUSE…… It happened only in America. I knew that  a serious problem was on the horizon.  Because, I didn’t go along  with the market , as a result, my small company was shut down for good.

The hurry approval of the bail  out money, theoretically, was a” good will ” for the financial situation. But $180 B was loaned to Aig, and $ 60 B of it went to one “Institution”…….It didn’t have good taste !

The fortune tellers rated mortgage products  “AAA”  by then, ……..After all, they only admitted that it was a “honorable mistake”. Really ??  The global economy is struggling, because of this mortgage scandal.  Now they downgrade everything including USA.   ” Someone will marry me, if I announce …I will marry tomorrow…”  It sounds familiar.

Look at the TERMS: Investment, then trading,  the future index trading (gamble), …….who knows the future,only the insiders know it…..Now even getting worst, it applies to betting on the Political Winner (in processing)……

“Know your adversary”…………SunTzu.

My book ” The art of War Applied to Wall Street” does not promise that you will win, but it can give you the insight information, it will help you to set up your own  strategy to deal with the Wall Street Variables.

Stock Market  is a very complicated game, people need to know how to play with it. YOU will get burned if you don’t know the game.

Money can be made from Wall Street ,if you know how to play with it. As long as USA is a global financial center….Money still swamps into USA. The market will be bigger and bigger, as the time goes by. Because, human population is expanding. More human moths will fly into the Wall Street Money Fire……..

Read my book , benefit from it.

” Know Yourself, Know Your Adversary, and Know the Circumstance”……….Sun Tzu.

Economic Situation: What would Sun Tzu say, if he were alive today ?

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

” Know the Circumstance, Know Yourself and Know the other Party.”…………..Sun Tzu.

Ali Velshi on CNN: There is a good debate on the economic situations of USA and Europe, as well as the job’s problem…….

The old school will tell you that if you have internal problems, you will never can put the house in order.  The leader of the house needs to set the principle or good example, so the house member will follow…..

It applies to the political field. Political leaders need to put their biased agenda down and work together. The two month tax extension is a joke. The same subject will repeat again after two months……

The country continues under the Pressure of Uncertainty . It is a dis-functional Government. It will create an unstable society. The returning soldiers will be a potential problem, if they are not settled properly.

This country is facing a Budget Problem. It should be solved, if political leaders can work as a team. Now Europe has a financial melting down crisis. It will affect USA for sure. If America gives them a hand, but how? Printing more money? ” This global credit card” will run out the line of credit  soon.

The turmoil of Middle East is another potential problem. Most of the presidential candidates suggest another war conflict except Congressman, Ron Paul……It will give more financial pressure on the top of current economic situation. Can this country afford it ? If it is “live or dead situation”, there is no doubt America will absorb it. It is not the case.

As a global leader, it is good thing to help the ally, but they should help them self also. Especially, this country is facing the internal crisis. If political leaders don’t handle this situation properly, it may create a huge disaster……

“Settle the internal problem first, give a hand to the ally later, tell the Middle East countries to establish the MUTUAL RESPECT …..”……………Sun Tzu.

The jobs should come out from the private sectors. Corporations should work with the Government. Don’t use the UNCERTAINTY as excuse. If the Government is that bad, you won’t make that much money.  It is because  this great country behind you.

Change the bad habits to waste the tax dollars, the political leaders should correct their old fashion…….Sun Tzu.

“Citizen first, Society the second, the Government the third”………….Confucius.

Election Campaign: What would Sun Tzu say, if he were alive to-day?

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

“Know the Circumstance, Know the Adversary, and Know Yourself”………….Sun Tzu.

Based on the news:American feeling  about the Congress is 20/80 (agree/disagree). That means 80% of American feel disgusted about the political leaders.

40%+  approves the President’s  performance.

It has been talking,… no president will be elected when the % is under 50. It may be true. However, nobody mentions that Congress is the lowest approval ever by history.

“President is 100% better than the Congress in terms of approved ratio.”  Congress runs the country, President sets the direction. Congress should take the blame instead of President.

It indicates that American are absolutely frustrated. If President can ever lay down the facts on the table, he will be elected again !

” Dedicate your life for the country and citizens, your effort is not for your own reputation and glory”…….Sun Tzu.

Adversary: They will do anything to achieve their purposes .   “Deception” is the name of the game in the battle field.  But for the country, it may not be the right strategy.

Their strategy is to co-mingle the past 10 years problems with current economical situation and put them together as a whole to blame  on President’s leadership. Confuse  American until after the election……….”Delaying strategy.”

“Advantage and disadvantage is continuously changing.”………….Sun Tzu.

When the GOP over killed strategy is too much, The 80% disagreed ratio is the result.

Know Yourself: If President can break down their co-mingled game and lay out all the FACTS on the table. Once American understand the real situation, then they will vote for you.

Tell the citizens that you didn’t create the wars, you didn’t create financial crisis due to the Wall Street scandal. You didn’t create  the bail out money for the banks….When you took this President job. The problems were already there.

When the sinking whole was that big, it will take time to fill this hole with dirt.  When the truck driver  delivers the soil,  another party keeps cutting the truck tire. That is why it takes longer time to complete the job.

Lay out your plan for the country, accept the criticize , if there is a mistake. Show them your leadership, your determination for the public. As Sun Tzu said that leader’s effort was not for the  reputation and glory.  Show your sincere attitude, once you get their trust, you will be elected again.

One step ahead of your competitors, let them play your game. Don’t play their game. President Clinton strategy should be considered as a mirror. Because the GOP will worry about their position or job too, if they don’t cooperate soon…….Selfish people have no principle!!

Deliver your simple principles, “you are working for the Country and American Public.”

It is a psychological game, make your competitors surrender without fighting…..Sun Tzu.

The Image……..

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

” Make your enemy surrender without fighting”……….Sun Tzu.

It is a psychological game. Build up the  essential undefeated military strength and projects out. It is the image that Sun Tzu talked about.

America is a real super tiger in terms of military might. The whole world recognizes it, but the trust may not be up to the respectful level.  America has spent $B of B dollars and military aids to foreign countries. Most of it only goes to the dictator’s hands. Look at Asia countries, it is a typical example. The local people never get the real help except the high expectation and waiting…eventually, the disappointment will have a major impact to their psychological feeling. The opponents will take advantage of it. Spread different kind of rumors…..

What is the purpose to help another country? For strategical purpose, or spreading “The Human Rights and Freedom ” or just for business, regardless  any of them, America needs the local people support and trust to achieve the purposes.

Look at the past wars or conflicts, something that America should review them as the future references. The past 10 year war in Middle East are exhausting the resources of this country. What is the real result, it really depends on what angle you look at it.

Look at he current “Arab Spring”,  America needs to know the sensitive situation, it is a double blade circumstance. America may lose all their efforts built  over the past 40 years, if this country is not careful  to deal with it.  ” Stand for the principles to help the local people.”  That is the image, this country needs to rebuild, otherwise, it may create a negative result as the previous error.

When you want to help another country, you need to know their culture  and their traditions .  People have cultured in that kind of environment for thousand of years, they are not going to accept what you offer easily, until they recognize the difference. America living model may not fit into their society immediately.

Give them the house, AC, Heater, food, TV ( NOT BOMBS)……..etc , the most important factor, let the house wife or female see the “American children life ” by CD or tape, then the environment will change. “Mother love is Universal.”  They will do everything for their children. Female is the most powerful figure on the earth. They will influence the men at the end.   The image will change. History will tell you.

The continuous bombing will produce friendly damages. Just think about it, if someone kills your family, you will be very easy to accept the propaganda ………Another opponent is created.

Political leaders need to sit back to review their policy. If you want to be a global leader, you want your hand to touch everything .  However, you continuously have internal struggle and waste resources….You don’t need the genius to give you the answer. Why don’t you all work together. and find a common ground instead of excuse and blame on each other.

This country has a major ‘IMAGE” problem from inside out.

If political leaders can settle the internal problems and stand for the Principles as before, The IMAGE will return and the whole world will change their negative view of America .

Most of all, American will trust the country again !!

” Know Yourself and Know the Circumstance”……..Sun Tzu.