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Monday, March 28th, 2011

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Libya: An Opportunity to Spread Human Rights and Freedom

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Sun Tzu teaches that if you want to be a world leader, you have to be clear about your purpose, your adversaries, and your circumstances.

Let’s review the circumstances relating to Libya. The citizens in Lybia have been calling out for global help.  The people want freedom and a substantial number of them want to expel the dictator.  About 60% of the population is under 30 years old, and they have a concept of freedom that they have picked up from the media.  They have been calling out for change.

Momar Gadhafi has been in power for over 40 years.  He has brutally repressed  the citizens of his country who have not cooperated with him.  Gadhafi has not used the wealth generated by the oil industry of Libya to benefit the citizens.  Instead, his family have used it to live lavishly while the population is in need of economic development for the thousands of unemployed. When the younger generation does not have hope for the future, there is the demand for regime change. 

Gadhafi has admitted to  linkage to terrorism.  In 2003, Gadhafi finally said that Libya was “responsible” for the 1988 explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. And Gadhafi may have agreed to hold back from developing nuclear capability, but he still has WMD, such as mustard gas, at his disposal.

The American and NATO forces have support from the European allies.  It is clear that Ghadfai is outnumbered and outgunned. While Sun Tzu would say that you must never overestimate yourself and underestimate the enemy, it appears that Gadhafi is going to be overturned.  The key thing is for it to be done quickly enough for the people to attain their freedom without developing resentment for strangers hunkering down on their soil.

If our military leaders  have “taken everything into consideration” as Sun Tzu advocates, then this deployment of forces could have an outcome that is favorable to the image of the United States as well as to the future of the younger generation of Libyians. Therein lies a worthy goal.

Not only that, but such an outcome would have a ripple effect on the entrenched repressive regimes in other countries of that region where people are asking for change.

As we are aware, recently a couple of  generals involved with operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq have publicly stated that had the planning and research been thorough enough in advance, things would have gone quite differently in both settings.

Hopefully, our military leaders have learned from their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As Sun Tzu said, “there must be an ovewhelming reason” to engage in warfare.  ”Everything must be taken into consideration.”  This includes the psychological effect  on the citizens. Long-distance, and long-term wars weaken the country.  These are all points that Sun Tzu emphasized. 

As Sun Tzu taught, it is all about “image” in leadership.  If you haven’t done the homework, you cannot maintain the image.

There is no reason to keep rediscovering the wheel, and continue to learn from the same mistakes over and over again, when Sun Tzu has already written the handbook on how to avoid them in the first place.

Read the best, most readable, up-to-date version of Sun Tzu’s The Art of  War available today, which is incorporated into the book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street.

Y.K. Wong


E-Book is Coming Soon!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

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“Art of War” Applied to Wall Street

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

                                  “Know the Enemy”–Sun Tzu

Many people buy stock, but very few people understand the mechanism that underlies Wall Street.

                                Don’t let the Market Confuse You

Is the activity of the stock market the result of random forces, or are there some underlying principles that we must learn about?  Is there a “science” of the stock market? 

 In theory – – maybe. But in reality–impossible.

Most people tend to agree with Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman, that the stock market is ”irrational and exuberant.”

Nevertheless, technical analysts publish their charts and look for patterns from the past that could predict the future, and then they advise their clients on the basis of their data. Their charts are based on theories of “’support,” ”resistance,” ”trends,” and ”sales volume.”

Then they try to apply principles of prediction to make their decisions to buy and sell. There are entrenched beliefs in the concept that decisions to buy and sell can be based to a large degree on prediction principles.

Investors need to get out of the traditional approach, and play Wall Street like a game.  There is more to the picture than what Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis alone can give you.  The books you study have often been written by experts who are employed by Wall Street.  They can lead you into a trap.  This book will teach you how to develop you own guidelines for choosing investments.

Find out why the emphasis on long-term investing may not be in your best interests, and learn why the “easy money” of short-term investments may not be that easy.

A stock has no life of its own.  It moves up and down because of unknown forces.  Most of the time investors overemphasize a company’s profit or loss, and assume that is the reason for the rise and fall of the stock. In reality, the movement of the stock is the result of rumors that come from Wall Street itself.

Without a well-equipped mind-set, you cannot build up and maintain your confidence. You can’t see through the toxic cloud coming from Wall Street. You will panic easily when the Market drops, and you will lose your hard-earned money.

               “Know Yourself and Know Your  Opponent”–Sun Tzu

Do you want to play the stock market?  If so, you need to understand what Wall Street really is. Sun Tzu’s major principle is that you must have an honest assessment of yourself and also of your opponent.

In terms of The Art of War, Wall Street plays the role of your ”enemy”. Wall Street is a place where could be said that “the king gets to write the history book.”  You need to know how the structures and operations of Wall Street function before you get your fingers burned.

 Wall Street has linkage to almost all of the currency on the planet.  Companies and corporations can legally borrow public and private money through issuing debts and stocks with the help of brokerage firms and banks.

You are David facing Goliath.  You are one individual up against a monolith of money and power. Sun Tzu teaches that all of the variables relating to the opponent need to be understood.

This is why you’re going to find my new book,”The Art of War” Applied to Wall Street to be an invaluable tool for personal investing.  Everything that you need to consider is explained simply and clearly.

Plus, you will discover that the book contains a completly new and fresh translation of the original “Art of War” material!

 Y.K. Wong, March 8, 2011