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Answers to Your Questions

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I am in the same boat as anyone else. My time is limited, and I do not have time to answer readers’ questions on a daily basis.

There have been questions about RSS. Apparently there are some software incompatibilities between the website and some readers’ devices or restrictions in various countries.

In regard to theme and design, those are a feature of the WordPress software.

As for the comments that you would like to have some of the concepts expanded or explained, you need to actually get the book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street, in your hands and read the material in depth. Everything you might want to know is explained thoroughly in the book.

What are you waiting for? For a mere $30, you can have a resource that will help you for the rest of your life! Give yourself the gift of a Prosperous New Year by studying The Art of War Applied to Wall Street. As Sun Tzu has said, “Just because you can see the sun and the moon, doesn’t mean you have good eyes.” When you can see something that other people cannot see, that is when you have good eyes. Get the book and discover what other people do not yet see!

Happy and Prosperous New Year to ALL.

Y.K. Wong, 2010

Will Justice Prevail? If It Does, All Will Benefit

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

In my book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street, I show the reader how to “know yourself” and “know the ‘enemy’ ” so that an investor can become a “Wall Street Warrior.”

Last week the SEC inidicted several hedge fund inside traders.  The current SEC has been much more effective than the previous one, which could not even find any kind of wrongdoing on the part of Bernie Madoff after three investigations. 

Wall Street has linkage to all the money on the planet.  If the SEC had not begun to interdict the economic terrorism, worldwide confidence in Wall Street would have been seriously eroded. Over the past ten years, millions of investors– millions of families, have been badly hurt.  Some have been financially slaughtered.  The economic terrorists have been killing the golden geese to take the eggs.  If the situation had been allowed to continue, the effect on the U.S. and the global economy would have been disastrous.

Therefore, if you still want to play with Wall Street, more than ever, you need to “know yourself” and “know your ‘enemy.’ ”  This is exactly what the first part of my book is about.  The second part is a thorough translation/explanation of exactly what Sun Tzu said about ”knowing the enemy” over 2,500 years ago.  The concepts are universal. 

This is why it is essential that you understand how Wall Street functions.  It may appear that Wall Street operates under SEC guidelines most of the time, but it is obvious now that such is not always the case. Theoretically, Wall Street does not cheat you, and it is your choice to come to the table and play the game.  It is your responsibility to understand the game.  It also is a better part of wisdom in ANY circumstance to not make ANY move when you do not understand what you are observing.  To clearly grasp the value of this strategy, you need to read the complete discussion of “watch and wait”  in the book. If you don’t understand the game, you have no business trying to play it.

However, money can be made if you know how to utilize Sun Tzu’s strategies, which are clearly described in the book, The Art of War Applied to Wall Street.

In my opinion, it is the strength of corporations that have provided the economic power of the United States following WW II. On the other side of the coin, it is only because the United States has been a financial and military superpower since the 1950’s, that the corporations have been so phenomenally successful. After WWII, American brand names were in very high demand worldwide.

If we allow our country to be weakened economically, the corporations will be weakend also. There is mutual linkage. It is like the relationship between water and a ship. If the water level goes down, the ship goes down also. The corporations have been sitting on over $2 trillion in cash reserves because they are waiting for better tax deals. They blame the government for ”uncertainty,”  but the blame is misplaced. In effect, the corporations themselves are depressing the economy by holding back on hiring and development in a waiting game for better tax deals.

Everyone needs to understand that we are no longer in the 1950’s, when there was no competition from outside the country. Now there is competition from everywhere. This is why we need to understand the territory where we are now and educate ourselves. The book  The Art of War Applied to Wall Street is the tool you need.

China, North Korea, “Wikileaks”: How Much Do We “Know”?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

A recent CNN News panel discussion on “GPS” centered on issues in the news relating to China and North Korea, including the Wikileaks cable in which China allegedly said that North Korea was behaving like a “spoiled child.”

Over my many years in the United States, I have noticed that the so-called experts, even the authors of books  about China or Asia, have a very shallow understanding of the issues. As Sun Tzu would have said, “If you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know the [other country], you don’t know what you are talking about.”

In my opinion, if people want to deal with China, they need to understand Chinese culture and history.  If they don’t know the culture and the history, they are out of the game.  China has over 5,000 years experience with politics.  Often people will live in China for 5 years or so, and consider themselves experts.

In the late 1950’s, when I was growing up in Macao, China, I asked my mother, “How can it be that people come to  live in our country for five or six years, and then consider themselves “experts” on China, when I have been studying for years, and I don’t know anything about China?”  My mother said, “Well, if a frog is down in a well, looking up at the sky, he thinks what he sees is the entire sky.”  I asked my mother what she meant by that, and she said, “Just remember it; you’ll understand it someday.”

It all comes around to the same principle taught in The Art of War:  If you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know “the adversary,” how can you effectively deal with him? 

There is little to be gained by listening to panelists and so-called “experts.”  For example, one of the panelists on the above program stated that it was a shame that China’s “first” Nobel Prize winner had been jailed.  This was a totally erroneous statement, for there have been other Chinese who have received Nobel Prizes in other disciplines!

There are many misperceptions about China.  ”Opium” is but one of them.  It is always assumed that opium came from China, but that is not so.  The British brought opium to China.  The Chinese in the Himalayan area had long used the herbal products of the poppy for pain treatment.  It was the British who extracted opium from the flowers of the plant and disseminated it in China, in order to receive payments in gold and silver from those who became addicted to the opium. The addiction became so pervasive that the phrase “Sick Men of China” was given to Chinese during the Last Kingdom. 

The opium trade brought on its own version of a “Boston Tea Party.”  In American schoolbooks, this period of Chinese history is discussed in terms of “The Opium Wars.”  The Chinese did attack the  British merchant ships.  What is often not mentioned was the fact that the Chinese wanted to interdict these ships from bringing more opium into the country. The Chinese, in their fervor to keep opium out of the country, erroneously attacked ships from seven other countries, thereby alienating relationships with those countries.  America was NOT one of the eight countries that went to war with China in these so-called “Opium Wars.” 

When people are discussing the present “economic power” of China, they need to realize that this “power” has been fueled by American  and European corporations who wanted to produce products with low labor costs. They set up factories in China, enticed by the promise of the Chinese to give them tax-free status for seven years in return for hiring Chinese labor.  By the time seven years had passed, the Chinese had easily learned how to produce the products on their own.  This short-sighted policy has backfired. Apparently these corporate investors didn’t know enough about the history and the culture of the country to foresee that the Chinese would take over their product.  “The baby tiger was fed, and now it weighs 500 pounds!”

In regard to the political relationships, after so many years of fearing China as a potential threat, one cannot expect China to do other than to play that role.  When North Korea is added to the mix, it would be very naive to think that a “Wikileak” would cause a irreprable rift between the two.  They share a strategic position in regard to each other and in regard to Asia. 

Our country is now facing an uncertain future as long as we do not “know ourselves” and do not “know” the “enemy.”

Learn more about “knowing yourself” and “knowing the ‘enemy’ ” by reading the most up-to-date translation of The Art of War that is available.

The Leaders, the General, and the Terrain

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

   Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, ”If the General does not know himself, but he knows the terrain, he can expect (at best) a 50% success rate.” Sun Tzu also said ”If the General knows himself, but is not familiar with the terrain, he can expect (at best), a 50% success rate.  And if he knows neither himself or the terrain, he is doomed to failure.”

     It is a relief to see that our politicians in Congress have decided to attempt to actually work together to look for solutions to the country’s financial issues.  Even though the road has been rocky, at least this week we are seeing the signs of progress. The fact that they are willing to make a deal to address the most urgent financial situations is encouraging to the citizens of this country.  The politicians may not yet realize the truth stated by Sun Tzu that if the citizens lose faith in their government processes, the country becomes weak.  But at least the politicians have begun to show us that they can put considerations of the good of the country ahead of their perceived differences.

“United we stand; divided we fall.”

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu described the ultimate military strategy for winning a battle as the “do or die” strategy.  In other words, if the soldiers found themselves in a situation where they had no recourse but to fight for their very survival, they would do so, and emerge victorious. Surely our country does not have to be on the very brink of collapse before our politicians will rise up together and deal with the “enemy” (economic disaster).

There is no reason that the budget cannot be balanced in this country without waiting for a total emergency.  Some of the most intelligent people on earth live in the U.S.  As more and more agendas of special interests are exposed, the easier it will become to correct the imbalances.

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Friday, December 3rd, 2010

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