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Military Strength and “Image”

Friday, April 16th, 2010

“Military Strength” will be explored in Chapter 4 of The Art of War Applied to Wall Street, and “The Power of Image” will be discussed in Chapter 5 of the book.

As students of Sun Tzu are aware, the underlying premise of Sun Tzu’s military theory is that ideally there is no need to have an actual physical military battle.  Sun Tzu teaches that a country must build up an undefeatable military force that projects such an image of power that it serves to influence the enemy to give way in diplomatic negotiations before a battle is even fought.

What is the essential component of an undefeatable military?  It is the psychological advantage.  Sun Tzu’s principles of psychological advantage are explained in depth in the book.

The concept that “Image is everything” is a key element in Sun Tzu’s philosophy.  The image of the potential power of a military force is the linchpin of Sun Tzu’s concept of the right use of military force.  Sun Tzu said, “Whether the military unit is small or large, the same principle applies: you want to be perceived as a rock that is about to hit an egg.”

The shrewd use of chi and cheng play the pivotal role in the image of invincibility.

The Secrets of Chi and Cheng Revealed

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

The book will be going into publication this Spring.

As the writing has been unfolding, more and more subtle meanings intended by Sun Tzu are revealing themselves.

It is becoming apparent that a much deeper understanding of Sun Tzu’s principles will be presented in ENGLISH than ever have been prsented before.

For example, the principle of the interchangablity of “chi” and “cheng” have never been fully explained to English-speaking people.

Even native readers of Chinese usually do not understand the esoteric connotations of “chi’ and “cheng” and their true relationship. They will be fully explained in plain English in the book.

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